They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Eric Wolfe

Full name and title: Lord Emmerick Lothian Wolfe likes to be called Eric.

Date of Birth: August 1093

Place of Birth: Wolfe Farm

Where grew up: Wolfe Farm

Schooling: Typical schooling for a Lord of the time.

Mother: Lady

Father: Lord

Date Married: 1104

How many children: Fifteen but eleven made it to adulthood.

Date of Turning: 1118

Creator: Tjolnir Wolfeson

Progeny: Alexander Wolfe


Well groomed, immaculate with particular air that is commanding yet welcoming. Like every other Wolfe man as a human he had steel grey eyes, blonde-brown hair, 6’2” but now as a vampire he has large black eyes, large hairy ears, clawed hands, feathering on his arms, a tail and from just below the knee he has wolf legs they are no longer human. As a human he had a striking physique which has only been toned more as a Vampire.

Personality & Attitude and a little history:

Eric is a wonderful person, he is loyal and friendly, charming and will gladly do anything to help. By old world standards he is exceptionally well-bred, back before Scotland’s records were complete what is now called the Wolfe Farm or Wolfe estate use to be larger and was claimed originally as a kingdom, many small kingdoms were spread across Scotland and from the infamous McAlpine onwards these small kingdoms were being merged to make, well, Scotland.  When Eric was human marriages between nobles were always arranged for better gain between the families, he had an arranged marriage to his cousin on his mothers side so that the Wolfe estate would gain grounds down south of Perth. Eric grew up rigorously schooled from an early age, he speaks and more importantly can read and write Gaelic, Scots, English (old English), Latin, Norse to name a few of the old languages, he was taught falconry but through some twist at the age of eleven he wanted to learn to forge, to blacksmith to make weapons. Thinking it a whim his parents let him in the neighbouring land as their own blacksmith already had an apprentice. There he met the Blacksmith’s daughter, a little older than him she was in an arranged marriage as well but her status was lower than his, she was due to be given to an elder in his late fifties from a neighbouring village on her fourteenth birthday. Well from the moment he met her he thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, one thing led to another both being young and silly she ended up with child. This obviously angered both families, though it was normal for a couple of bastards to be running about the girls father took it serious as the elder would no longer marry her so she would be left as a drain on her family, they insisted Eric’s family do something, word reached the relatives down south and they pulled their daughter out of the arrangement, so age eleven Eric married his wife. The baby was born but did not live very long as it was small and malnourished. The pair lived apart for the first year of their marriage but it did not stop them, eventually after Eric finished the apprenticeship they lived together. He had a large family, he was happy, they never wanted for anything except maybe more room in the house. When Eric was Turned he stayed with his wife, he stayed with her until the end, he loved her greatly and still does, she was his fiery haired goddess. His life as a human was filled with love, life and laughter and nearly a thousand years later that warm attitude shines through.

Skills & Abilities:

Weaponsmith by trade he makes outstanding weapons, swords, dirks, daggers, axes etc. He is powerful in strength and dexterity, his swordsmanship is outstanding, his natural charm means he’s never needed to learn any mind control powers all that he uses is for defence he very rarely is on the offensive side. He can walk in the sun and shape-shift and does so with glee, he loves being a bird flying through the sky enjoying the sensation of powered flight. Just about everything he does he does it because he wants to and for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of it. That natural warmth and charm rubs off on people around him he is like a comforter for the soul.

Eric and the opposite sex:

He loved his wife unconditionally, there was never any one else, he considers love-making different to sex, as he says the last time he made love was with his wife, sex was for feeding, though he never touched maidens in that manner, leaving them with their virtue intact. Women are attracted to him, his kind manner and good looks seem to make him irresistible but aside from his kind nature human women were normally viewed as food.

Eric and the same gender:

He makes friends easy, he is always welcomed even outside the Wolfe pack, there has to be something seriously wrong for anyone to hate this guy once they’ve met him. Though he has past ancient royal blood in his veins he’s always accepted as one of the guys, a good honest down to earth bloke.

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