They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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All you need to know about the series

I am Wolfe is the name of the series, with confusion, mispronunciation and another book with a near identical name having recently been released people often get mixed up.

Book 1 She-Wolf

Book 1 She-Wolf

Meg a delightfully naive young woman meets the handsome and charming Mr Wolfe, worried that she might lose her virginity early she doesn’t realise what direction her life is about to take and that she is about to lose and gain a whole lot more.

The succubus & incubus are not just medieval myths as she will find out how love comes in all shapes and forms.

“Behind in an alley lay the emaciated remains of a young crèche of vampires, their species not worth noting, their turning such a short time ago that their human world barely had a chance to recognise their missing presence, his orders were clear, kill the Wolfe, kill all loyal to the Gaea.”

Meg doesn’t know it yet but she is important enough to merit continuous attempts on her life. Her charming, sensual almost feral manner has left a trail of love lorn men but will her naive grasp of the world be her undoing as she still fights the aftermath of ‘The Wolfe’

Book 2 Alpha & Omega

Book 2   Alpha & Omega

Book 3 Angel Among Men

“he noticed in the crowd a board in English ‘Free the Angel’

“Free the angel?” He was only confused for a second then the news flash with a Greek commentator speaking over the clips showed a white winged boy contained within a temporary isolation chamber “Azriel? AZRIEL…” Edward shouted at the window with the TV on the other side, in a panic he grabbed his mobile and tried to dial the Prince’s phone, there was no tone with his hands shaking he looked at the screen ‘out of network area’ flashed on the screen.”

Book 3 Angel Among Men
The Series

When and where?

Originally written in the year 2000, I am Wolfe was started in June 2000 and finished in October 2000, originally a biography of the character Meg Wolfe that is why today it still follows only her as the main character. In December 1999 an early attempt was made to write about a Viking vampire, the story was abandoned however the character was worked into the I am Wolfe novel, we know him as Tjolnir Wolfeson.

By the end of the year 2000 a small website for the characters was set up, the website grew with the help of a few dedicated people, between 2002 and 2004 the online community had grown nicely and the website was doing well, some short-stories were published on the website and the website was changed to resemble one of a Television Series. A lot of people don’t realise this page has branched off and arisen from that original popular vampire website, different .com but same main author.

Origin of the ‘Wolfe’ family

After a moments pause Alexander started talking. “Ok we are one type of vampire, I’ll tell you the story of our lineage. A vampire from far away travelled across the oceans and landed in Iceland. Like all vampires she had a terrible thirst for blood when she reached land, she drank from many humans yet she felt she still needed more, as she travelled across inner Iceland she came across a cave, the cave was old and awkward to get into, but she managed it. There hidden deep in the dark dank depths was a man shackled with enchanted chains, he slept so she crept up ready to feast on his warm blood but as she reached him he sprang to his feet and stared at her, she sat poised ready to defend herself. However when they looked into each others eyes they fell instantly in love, without a second thought she leapt on him and they made love, the next evening as they lay together she tried to remove his shackles but to no avail, no matter how she tried nothing worked. She enquired why he was chained and he told her that he is Fenrir. She was in dismay and fled from the cave; she had tasted his blood and slept with him, harbinger of Ragnarok, destroyer of the earth. As she travelled away from Iceland terrified of what she did she realised that she was with child, she suffered horrific dreams about a wolf and how it was out of control. Upon realising she was with child she made her way back to Iceland, there was only one person that could be the father. She arrived back in Iceland and walked inland she was finding it a struggle, she was now heavily pregnant and the size of the unborn child hindered her movement. Her vampire powers were weak and she struggled to get back to the cave, from the mouth of the cave she heard a terrifying roaring noise but still she pressed on down to the deepest darkest part. There thrashing away gnawing at the chains and clawing the rock he was shackled too was an enormous wolf. As the wolf saw her he stopped and turned back into a man, the same man she made love to. He nearly wept when she came close to him and he saw she was with child. She stayed with him and a short while later she gave birth to a son, as gentle as he was and as much as she loved the baby she knew if he was to have the best life he could not remain with them. It broke her heart as she left him outside the door of a human family, she left a note written on it was ‘The wolfes son.’  

- Book 1 She-Wolf

What’s it about then?

The entire series follows the members of the Wolfe family as they live out their lives, it goes through the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy as their worst fears and their greatest ambitions are realised. A tight-knit family that behave not dissimilar to a pack of wolves, hindered and enhanced by their ‘Turning’ they all learn to cope with their inner beast, slowly turning into their dark father, Fenrir.

Although reading the first book it seems like another love torn vampire novel as the series progresses through the rest of the novels it opens to a wider scope, the world as a whole is not right, the family try to cope with their various situations but ultimately it all leads to nothing as it becomes clear Ragnarok has begun. Panicked the vampires prepare themselves for the end.

Pagan and Christian beliefs are pitted against each other as one among them is not what they seem. The tale that the Wolfe family are descended from the Norse god Fenrir is traditionally disbelieved by others mocked as just a ‘story’ but the family have a much more confused fate than the tales hint at.


  “I am bound; my true form is trapped, while the sun and moon still travel the sky blessing Midgard with their light I remain as this form. Exiled from Azgard for the fear that I will grow too big and hungry and eat them all, I’m never to step foot on those golden floors again, join me Tjolnir, take your stand next to your father be with your brothers together we can take down the gods.”

  “You can-not do it, the earth can still be saved.” The Prince broke the silence.

Fenrir gazed at him “Astrild you did what you could, love is not what these humans need, they need to be shown that the gods are to be worshiped and respected, Midgard must be destroyed, vengeance upon the planet will wipe the evil from it and reinstate everything as it should be, I do not fear a warriors death I welcome it, Skøll and Hati will cloak Midgard as I swallow the all-father, none shall stop us, evil and vial creatures will come forth in the never ending twilight, tears of the gods will flood the land drowning the weak. You’ve survived before Astrild but will you survive again?”

- Two excerpts from Book 4 Ragnarok

Book 4 Ragnarok

The unwitting pawn that helps bring about the end Meg is lost, Azriel in his search lets loose the mighty wolf that will bring about Ragnarok.

The world is about to end, can the Wolfe family undo their interference or will they turn to the ‘ark’ that the Prince has kept secret.

Book 4 Ragnarok


Along with the main series of novels there is a collection of short stories.

These short stories are set along side the main story line, giving a different point of view of the main story or character and in the case of a couple of the short stories they are about characters that are never mentioned but some how are affected by the main characters. Two stories were previously published on the Internet between 2002-2004.

Graphic Novel

I am Wolfe

Graphic Novel

Originally one large graphic novel it is being split, the chapters will eventually be separate smaller sized books. Although it follows the main story line of Book 1 it has a bit more input from other characters giving a greater view of the whole picture.

Short Stories

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