They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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American Vampire

Brief Description: A modern creation, a trend for teenagers to be like vampires in movies has led to a wave of vampires that give themselves no race except refer to themselves as Vampire. Started in America they have been given the nickname Movie or American Vampire, they have nothing distinctive except they usually look like Goths. They hate crosses, garlic and holy water but no one has given them the time of night to see if it's real or pretend.

Full description:

A silver screen spawned creation, Hollywood style Vampires gripped the nation and some took it far too seriously, the extremists sleep in a coffin of earth, do not cross running water, will not enter a house unless invited, hiss at crosses, are repulsed by garlic, drink only from virgins and wear an inexplicable amount of crushed-velvet while speaking in a fake European accent. With each sensational Vampire movie or television series a group of real Vampires appeared that matched. They spread across America and even into the usually benign Canada their numbers un-checked and by the late Seventies their numbers were out of control, a harsh cull was ordered and fairly successful but yet again more movies and television series were created idolising Vampires and making them out to be intriguing and mysterious, by the late Nineties their numbers were at bursting point but this time a lot had been recruited by the Lilitu.

In the Nineties not only was it movies it was also people who referred to themselves as Goths that were being turned and not just Goths it was anyone who was strange or different, also anyone turned without a Vampire race identity is lumped with the American Movie name, some poor sods are accidental turnings and were never meant to be Vampires.

When asked each recall their turning as something spectacular as if the world and its wonders were suddenly opened to them, they gained everything they ever wished for.

Edward notes that most were work-shy layabouts that feared some hard graft, they believed their Turning was a gift to get out of paying taxes and slogging away at a nine to five job. He also notes that their Turning is simple, so simple that he now understood why there was so many accidental Turnings.

American Movie Vampires simply feed another their blood, Edward notes there is no taking the human to the brink of death no exchange of soul no nothing to give them any form of race, it is easy for these creatures to believe they are what they see in the movies as they have nothing else. Through trial and error Edward found out that crosses do not harm them, they are fine with garlic, they can sleep anywhere, cross anything and drink any form of blood, they are simply a generic Vampire, a Vampire that has lost it’s identity.

American Movie and Nosferatu, as the name suggests American Movie Vampire comes from the North American continent specifically the USA where as the Nosferatu are their European counter parts.

These Vampires will burn in the sun, will die if their heads are cut off or drained of all their blood however when staked they are immobilised which lead Edward to believe that maybe a Succubus or Incubus was behind the original creation.

Their feeding habits originally included the death of the prey as their turning was so easy to accidentally spread they needed to make sure those they didn’t want turned weren’t. When the Gaea got hold of them and accepted them into the sect they were ordered not to kill, they then took to blood letting victims, getting them to decant into glasses or goblets.

American Movie Vampires in She-Wolf

An American Altus

General club goers

The gang that attacked Meg in New York

Brett Morgan - Crèche member

Total number in Scotland: None

Total number in the world: Uncertain but close on a thousand in America