They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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They feast on the souls of sailors lost at sea, almost always women they never come on land unless something major has happened. Their voices can deafen and send people mad but when it comes down to it all they are looking for is their lost love. Once a Siren's lost love is found she can be laid to rest and bother sailors no more.

Sirens and mermaids often get mixed up, in the world of I am Wolfe the mermaid is much more simian and has evolved along the same lines as seals and manatees, the Siren is the iconic woman sitting on the rocks singing.

Sirens of all nationalities can be found world wide, it is said that the original Siren was a woman who had lost her love at sea, she spend every day and night calling to him, when death came for her she refused saying she would not go until she was reunited with her love.

The Siren now can only be taken when her love returns, they call for him, unworthy sailors or men walking the shores and cliffs end up used, abused and fed upon, their remains cast into the water. A fake love will always say how much they love the Siren when under her trace only her true love will call out to her before, Edward noted but ultimately refrained from putting the information in the Encyclopaedia of the Forgotten. He noted that he witnessed both men and women being fed upon, their trance like state kept them subdued as the Siren fed and ravaged the bodies. He said that he called out to one as if it was his lost love and after a brief embrace she was no more. What did get written was more hear-say and rumour without his eye witness account.

The Siren hates coming ashore and does so very reluctantly, not that she can’t or that it harms her she simply hates to be away from the water calling for love.

They can be rational, they can hold conversations, they can even act and pass for normal women, in-fact before they become Sirens they are just normal women, or even a man in a very rare case, if a human woman gazes at the sea for her lost love long enough something will answer her call, a spirit takes over her body, for the first while she will feel a tad ill and a bit confused, she will often go about her daily bushiness as normal, her confusion and sickly feeling leaves when she gazes out to sea, she will eventually loose touch with everyone and everything becoming herself a lost soul.

The Siren has a very powerful charm over the gender she is longing for, she can grow her nails long and use them as weapons.

Alkonost’s appear to have some form of immunity to their charms, maybe it’s because they are already mad but they are often seen having a physical relationship with one another without the complications and entanglements of an emotional one.

Siren’s in She-Wolf:

None that Meg notices but she was in the company of one a couple of times at the party.

Siren’s in Scotland: One

Siren’s Worldwide: About 900.