They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Thought to be spawned from the monster Beowulf killed there is no evidence to say they are, speak to any Grendel and they will say they have never met or know of anyone that has ever met Beowulf's famous Grendel. If they are indeed from this famous monster then all connections to him have been lost but the one thing they do have in common is the hideous looks. They are a fairly common race of vampire, they are found in almost every area.

An ancient race found in most areas throughout the world, the Grendel became famous due to the Anglo-Saxon poem of Beowulf, the older Grendel Vampires do not claim to be from this monster instead they claim that is was a misconception, Grendel was the name of their Vampire species and the humans took it to mean any hideous monster.

The Grendel make another by bringing the intended human to the point of death then feeding them the creators blood, this can mean that a container of blood can be carried far from its originator and fed to a progeny, one Grendel could be responsible for Turning without ever knowing about it. It was a problem for a while as non-allowed Turning were happening but the creator was claiming it wasn’t them, a strict approach was taken and all involved were killed.

The actual Turning is agony, as the body warps and twists the new creation feels it all as a human would, many die through pain and blood loss, bones break and mend wrong their skin blisters, tumours form most loose their hair by the end they are no longer human but hideous beasts, this process can last up to a month, blood has to be fed during this time to keep them alive as they cannot go feed themselves.

Grendel know they are hideous and they use it to their advantage, they barter information and gossip like currency, no one likes them in their presence their appearance is so bad it’s a struggle to look at them with any kindness, they have learnt to be invisible, their powers are all about cloaking and concealing and they use these powers in a very sneaky way. It has come to a point where Vampires of importance built walls that the Grendel will not be able to hear through or doors and windows that they will not be able to come through.

They feed on blood like a normal Vampire, preferring human, they conceal their appearance to try and blend in. They can be killed in the tradition manner for a Vampire.

Due to their appearance Grendel very rarely make friends outside their species but on closer acquaintance they can be an amusing bunch some are even very nice. Tjolnir was taught how to conceal his true identity by Aaron the second oldest Vampire in Edinburgh.

Grendel live in sewers, caves, underground or in abandoned ruins, they often live in small family groups Creator couple of progeny and maybe even a progenies offspring.

Grendel in She-Wolf:

Arrays, John and Dante, there is more but none are mentioned by name

Grendel in Scotland: 4

Grendel Worldwide: Thousands