They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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(pronounced cr-roar-in)

We've all seen the Dracula movies, we all know Renfield as Dracula's mad henchman always ready to do as he is commanded in exchange for immortality. Cruorin is very much like that. Cruoris is the technical term for any creature bound to a Vampire master, Cruorin is a human in Cruoris.


For as long as there has been sentient Vampires and humans there have been their Cruorin followers. The act of making a Cruorin is called Cruoris but Cruoris also refers to all creatures having gone through the process and a Cruorem is a Vampire that has gone through Cruoris. Each master treats their Cruorin differently as Cruorin are normally created for various reasons, a Cruorin that is well behaved and does as their master always commands is affectionately refereed to as a Pet. Good pets are rewarded with blood and sexual encounters depending on the master.

Cruorin, Nosferatu and the American Vampire

Cruoris, the act of making and being a Cruorin, is usually done by a Vampire feeding a live human (or any creature) their blood, sadly however with the trend now for European Nosferatu and the American Movie Vampire their method of Turning is practically identical to Cruoris that people are accidentally Turned, even vice versa some poor sap has thought they have been Turned and made a Vampire when in fact they have simply been made a Cruorin.

Biology of a Cruorin

They are human, or were, ingestion of the Vampire blood into their bodies gives them some extended life and minor abilities that their master may have. Once a Cruorin passes fifty years under constant Cruoris they can no longer return to being a normal human. Like a drug they become addicted to the Vampire blood craving it, their master like a dealer getting them to jump hoops for their next fix but it’s their master they are bound too, it isn’t just any Vampire. After some time of being a Cruorin they cannot return, their bodies have become so dependant on the blood that without it their own blood thins and their body shrivels they suffer rapid aging and they die of a heart attack. They eat, sleep, go to the toilet, walk in the sun and behave much like a normal human, most are created to be daytime guardians of their masters coffin.

Male Cruorin can still reproduce as a normal human although they have to be careful but female Cruorin stop their cycle so they are usually unable to have children. The addition of Vampire blood give them a high sex drive masturbating until raw is an occupational hazard especially with the males.


A Vampire almost always has a good reason for choosing their intended Cruorin, since they are forbidden from making their nature known to humans they have to try and slip them some blood in a secretive manner. It takes three consecutive nights for Cruoris to work and bind the Cruorin to the master, after that a top up between once a month or a year depending on the Vampires age and power.


There are several Vampires that have many generations of Cruorin working for them, they selectively breed them for servants born loyal to them. Male Cruorin have the ability to pass on some of their gained powers to their offspring, having children with normal humans is prohibited although not enforced that strongly. A male can produce offspring his entire life but a female has to be brought almost out of Cruoris to allow her cycle to begin therefor she must have a child within her first fifty years, the resulting child if using both Cruorin parents will have some small amount of power naturally, they will age as a normal person only when they reach the intended age will the master start feeding them blood. Cross breeding of different master’s Cruorin happens especially if a Vampire has an exceptional specimen, they are treated like stud-animals, they tend not to mind since it stops them having to self-pleasure. By some unknown call of nature female Cruorin do not actively seek out male Cruorin to be the father of their child, they would much prefer a normal human, it is believed it is a basic form of avoiding in-breeding, the sense of vampire blood in another is like knowing he is a relative even if he isn’t. Sadly once a female Cruorin has had a child to a normal human man she will almost certainly kill any male Cruorin that tries to sire a child with her. Female Cruorin, if intended for breeding, are kept away from normal human society until they have produced what their master wants.

Cruorin in She-Wolf

Chris Brooks

The Prince’s servants (Andy etc).

Cruorin through out the series

Eddie (child of Chris)

Modeus (Cruorin Turned Vampire)

Canadian Dominor’s Pet Cruorin, an Inuit Dog.