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Fenrir’s Legacy

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Tjolnir Wolfeson

Full name and title: Warlord Tjolnir Wolfeson

Date of Birth: 782 A.D

Place of Birth: Iceland in a cave.

Where grew up: With an adopted family in one of the first Icelandic settlements.

Schooling: Did an apprenticeship in Jewellery making then joined the Viking hoards and moved up the ranks quickly.

Mother: Biological mother is Psyche the Greek Goddess

Father: Biological father is Fenris the Wolfe a Norse deity.

Date Married: 798 A.D

How many children: One, a son.

Date of Turning: 810 A.D

Creator: Psyche

Progeny: Eric Wolfe


Tjolnir is a very typical iconic Viking image, rippling muscles, shoulder length blonde-brown hair and the beard. He has tattoos over his body each with a very personal meaning, to an angry pent up male getting a tattoo is as about as emotional as it gets, any display of emotion other than anger and hatred is a weakness and even those are a weakness. He now looks nothing like his former human self, looking more like a werewolf, in company he shape-shifts into his human form but at the farm left in peace he lumbers around as his hulking mass of muscle a very real reminder of what all the members of the Wolfe Vampire family will turn into.

Personality & Attitude and a little history:

As a child he was frustrated that his parents would never let him pretend fight with the other children, he was never allowed to join the Viking raids he was forced into a more placid way of life, he became a jeweller, this may seem trivial but think back to what jewellery was like in the Norse age, fancy gold all intricately carved. He always had a longing to fight, eventually it was revealed to him that he was not his parents flesh and blood he was the son of the wolf, grandson of Loki, angry at his parents for keeping the secret he joined the hoards and worked his way up their ranks with his relentless fighting ability, he returned a warlord, commanding a fleet his name was feared, his wife waited for him all the time he was gone and when he returned he told her he had claimed a kingdom from the Picts south of the Southernland where they would call home. Finding out that if he kept it up and grew his strength he could become a god, his wife with child was taken across the sea but on that journey across bringing settlers one woman among them was his biological mother. Like his adopted parents she feared he would grew too large in power and size and end up like Skøll and Hati or worse his father Fenris, she took the chance and Turned him on the boat putting a halt to his godly plans. Angry for the first part but after settling with his wife learning to cope with what he now was he soon accepted his fate, he was never guided, a voice in his head occasionally spoke to him but even that disappeared, he learnt to walk in the sun, having never been told it was near impossible for Vampires to do so he tried to behave like a normal man going from jeweller to warrior now a farmer to support his wife and son. It was a humbling situation that taught him many lessons and a lot of patience. As Meg points out to him many years later he acts nothing like the Vikings in story books, his experiences have made him a calm and kindly man, loyal, dependable and strong though on first acquaintance he comes over gruff and reclusive. Viking warriors are remembered for their great deeds and achievements once they die in a great battle they are forever remembered but Tjolnir did not die, in the true sense, his name was lost to the seas and winds and forgotten like all warriors who die of old age in their beds.

Skills & Abilities:

Muscle and power, this guy has trained and fought and been through many battles, his Vampire powers give him speed but the one thing he can do that none of the other Wolfe members can do or any other Vampire he has come across is change into a dragon, not just a little crocodile sized dragon, he has the ability to change into a mighty dragon of any past species.

Tjolnir and the opposite sex:

He comes over gruff and reclusive on first meeting for most women there is no point on getting to know him any better but for Tjolnir he has never forgotten or lost the feeling he carried for his long dead wife, one of his tattoos is of her, but the very few that have taken the time to know him find out he is very down to earth and normal. He admits to Meg that he doesn’t know how to behave around women as the only women he ever lived with was his wife.

Tjolnir and the same gender:

He knows how to speak to men, he fought battles with almost all men, he is a very typical manly man, his true form keeps him away from everyone Eric is his main contact to the wider world.

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