They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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The first Lamia Vampire was believed to be Lamiae a creature half-human half-serpent made that way by Hera for being Zeus's mistress. Now the Lamia are found throughout Greece and down through Egypt and into Africa, they appear as normal human and can be either male or female. Lamia usually prey on children or youths, their serpentine features become more apparent as they age, a very old Lamia will have no legs but instead a snakes tail. Lamia of that age are very rare as superstition has caused humans to wipe them out.

Lamiae or Lamia was the Queen of Libya, she was also the mistress of Zeus when Hera found out she killed Lamia and Zeus’ illegitimate children then cursed Lamia to be the sly serpent she believed her to be. Lamia mourned the loss of her children and took it very hard, she sought out vengeance devouring any child descendant of Hera with every child she ate she became more and more like the serpent she was cursed with.

Now the Vampire legend says that Lamia was pregnant when she was stricken with the curse and she gave birth to a child, a son, who had been struck with the curse as well. From those beginnings the species arose.

The older a Lamia gets the more serpentine they become, very old ones no longer have legs they have long snake like bodies, it is rumoured that the ancient ones changed fully and were nothing more than a giant snake at first glance.

Lamia are not truly immortal but they age very well by the time the reach the entire snake phase they look no more than middle-aged.

They have the ability to tell fortunes and gaze into possible futures, they can command snakes and other reptiles.

They feed on blood but not as a normal Vampire, more like a snake, they swallow their victim or portion of victim and within their stomach the food is squeezed of all its blood then coughed up or passed through as dried remains.

Lamia are created from the mature adults, they give birth to a single sack-like egg and within is what looks like a human child, the mother is very protective of their child they seem to have a deeply embedded fear that the child will be killed, anyone including the father will be killed if they go near it until the child is ready to leave.

Lamia are notoriously difficult to kill, it requires the touch of a god (lets face it a near impossibility), the tooth of another serpent like Lamia or the heart to be impaled.

Lamia in She-Wolf:

None that she notices but at least one of the Lilitu in Spain was.

Lamia in Scotland: None.

Lamia Worldwide: Approximately 600