They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Meg a delightfully naive young woman meets the handsome and charming Mr Wolfe, worried that she might lose her virginity early she doesn’t realise what direction her life is about to take and that she is about to lose and gain a whole lot more.

The succubus & incubus are not just medieval myths as she will find out how love comes in all shapes and forms.

The Graphic Novel of I am Wolfe.

Started in 2000 just after the completion of the first novel, this was designed to be a more fully rounded story encompassing some of the short stories so the graphic novel would not only focus on Meg Wolfe but have a wider scope giving insight into what happened elsewhere. The originally was sketched out in pencil and some of the original work was coloured using colouring pencil. In 2003 six pencil worked pages of the graphic novel were displayed in an art gallery giving onlookers a giggle as the speech bubbles were filled with rough temporary writing and notes including the *(find name of fancy French wine)* inserted in a dinner scene.

Graphic Novel

Near identical to the Book One She-Wolf story, the graphic novel gives little insights into what else is happening around Meg.

Originally intended as a single book the sheer volume of work meant it has been split, a chapter of Book One She-Wolf is now a Smaller more manageable graphic novel, the size was intended to be shrunk small enough to call it a comic book and each small graphic novel/comic book to be released at a cheaper price making it more affordable for all.

With the progress of digital art and the advancement of technology and everyone wanting things to be glossy and full of eye-candy the original graphic novel work was scrapped and is now being redone in digital giving it a modern look and feel.


One panel example of original 2000 pencil sketch work

Characters & Content Copyright © Sonya Paul 2009 All right reserved. No reproduction in whole or in part

An example page of the re-done graphic novel