They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Edward Wolfe

Full name and title: Lord Edward Wolfe

Date of Birth: 30th October 17??

Place of Birth: Farm House

Where grew up: On the Wolfe Farm

Schooling: None when human, later Edinburgh university and Oxford university.

Mother: ‘mum’

Father: Edward believes he is William's son but Tjolnir and Eric keep a secret until the time is right, it turns out his uncle Edward is really his biological father.

Date Married: Never as a human, 1962 as a vampire.

How many children: Andrew and James were sons he had when human, he adopted Eddie, then Azriel is a biological son, doubt remains over Garren and Elizabeth but the wolf cubs never named are his.

Date of Turning: 17??

Creator: Alexander Wolfe

Progeny: Meg Wolfe


6’2” tall, fit, with Blonde-Brown straight hair that may be considered long for a man. Scandinavian, Germanic and mixed British is the appearance of his race, though pale now as a human he was pale in winter with a tan in summer due to working outside all day. As a human he was a farmer so dressed as such, as a Vampire he dressed smartly. His last Turning was not by choice it was to save his life, he was turned with a bullet wound in his back which healed in a nasty scar, he was also Turned the last time with a beard where as before he was clean shaven. Advancement in years and being lost in bloodlust he had a number of unusual features, they stayed when he was brought back as a human, big black eyes, clawed fingers and his top canines remained pointed. By the end he gained a tail and the large hairy pointed ears.

Personality & Attitude:

Angry at the world he blamed everything and everyone including himself, originally he believed he was useless and a failure so over compensated by taking on work, he became a work-a-holic never giving himself a chance to enjoy life. That obsessive behaviour was channelled into a skill where he became a master, though his confidence grew as did his disregard for women being anything more than sexual objects he never bragged about his skill, it was an assurance he kept close. As a Vampire he had several jobs all revolved around some form of killing, the constant day in day out killing or threatening others was slowly sending him very feral, like a dog if he can’t eat it or piss on it he’d attempt to shag it. Meeting Meg changed him, suddenly he wanted to be an Alpha, a pack leader, no long the lone wolf going from one Dominion to another killing, he’d found his mate, his she-wolf. His conscience kicked in giving him a moral compass once again. Throughout the series Edward deals with all his issues changing him into a more well-rounded person.

Skills & Abilities:

Edward is a master Marksman, not only that he specialises in just about all forms of killing. After learning to read and write he was the researcher and writer of ‘The Encyclopaedia of the Forgotten’. Apart from being the Prince’s body guard and the Dominion ‘law enforcement’ he is a hired gun. All his abilities and Vampiric powers have been focused on killing, he never learnt to walk in the sun like his creator Alexander or any mind control though he wasn’t as skilled as Alexander he did learn how to change into a single other creature. On the job learning taught him how to reverse engineer, machines and living creatures, he also has an uncanny ability to pick up and sort technical problems. One thing he never really notices and if you are paying attention though the series, he’s always reading. He takes a short course in Scottish History at Edinburgh University, then a summer course in introduction to Law at Oxford then goes on to get a Criminal Law degree at Oxford, later on he gets his MD. He is a clever bloke that spent too many years as a psychopath the calm Edward takes time to come forth but his constant from human to the end was his violin, his instrument he plays and becomes quite proficient at.

Edward and the opposite gender:

As a human he never truly married, he had a common-law wife, a girl that came to him and never left, back then men and women had their places, he enjoyed having a woman there to cook his meals and tidy up, it meant he didn’t have to do it himself when he got in. There was a shortage of men after an attack on the village, the Government soldiers burnt down the houses and barns, killed the men and raped the women. So for a while there was a surplus of pregnant women, then women with children. His hatred for these soldiers meant that he would not touch the women who had been defiled. So most of his human life was spent frustrated sexually. As a Vampire he made up for it in every way possible, he began to view women as objects to satisfy him, blood and sex.

Edward and the same gender:

Unless they are a pack member they are a nuisance, some a nuisance to be killed and some to be obeyed either way his advancement in years as a Vampire has made him behave more like a wolf and has very little tolerance for those who annoy him but he will grudgingly deal with people that need help or from whom he needs help.

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