They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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(pronounced may-jai)

Human, for the most part. The have nothing to do with the bible or the wise men, they however are magic users and they will use and abuse the supernatural any way they see fit. They are a collective found through out the western world with groups in almost every country.

Magi use vampire blood or souls to extend their own life, to make themselves stronger or to gain special powers, they aren't like the Cruorin with the advance of technology they have developed a way to process the individual signature markers that would confine them to become the dribbling Renfield like idiots that slave for their Vampire masters, the Magi have almost unlocked the mysteries of the supernatural gift of immortality and superhuman powers and they aren't sharing it with anyone. This is why Vampires and Magi don't get along and why Vampires will take every opportunity to kill a Magi when they can and Magi will ‘harvest’ a Vampire when ever they can.


An elite order like a Secret Society the Magi have a very selective admittance policy as once you are a Magi you are one for life, to leave the Magi is not permitted the only way out is death. The Magi practise magic use, enchantment, rituals and forms of alchemy but this is not the happy-go-lucky ‘find a lover’ or ‘good luck’ sort of magic use these magic users have long since past the dabbling stage, their group is so select that all are willing to end their life so information is not leaked.

Admittance and Initiation

The Magi order usually only admit men, though that is not to say women are not there it is just usually men. It is often a relative, a son (or daughter), or grandchild of an existing member that join the ranks but the odd new-blood will be taken in. If a child shows promise of controlling animals, learns magic tricks very quick and shows aptitude for sciences they are watched if by the time they are a teenager their ability has grown and they show no sign of stopping with their unusual talent they are approached, these prospective members are quizzed on their knowledge and their talents and if they pass the ‘test’ they are given the option to live a life unlike any normal human, they are told nothing more than that except if they accept it would mean a process a bit like a cross between faking your own death and going to university.

If they accept the new recruit severs all ties to their old life and is taken to a school of learning where all their abilities are harnessed and expanded, usually between the age of twenty one and twenty five they are released, failure and disobedience is not an option both will result in the new recruits death.

Magi in She-Wolf

Alexander kills one at the festival

Magi in the entire series

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Biology of a Magi

They begin life as a human and some may end life as a normal human but 90% will enhance their abilities in the ways they have been taught including expansion of their life. They collect and experiment on supernatural creatures they try to improve themselves through what they collect and learn, one major issue that has them so hated is how they expand their lives, they capture vampires and use their blood. It has plagued Vampires how they are able to use blood and not change to a Cruorin but in truth what happens is the Magi bleeds the Vampire dry a very taboo subject in Vampire society, the Magi can not be in Cruorin if there is no Vampire to be their master. They experiment with various creatures to grow their own superhuman powers giving them increased strength, dexterity and stamina, they have yet to unlock shape-shifting and invisibility.

World organisation

They are well connected throughout the world, they put all forms of communication to good use, they have excellent record keeping and have tomes in several vast libraries, France, Rome, Egypt and the most recent in New York.

Magi and other Human groups

They occasionally sought help from other groups but it was only to use them, they never had a cooperation or truce. As the inevitable Armageddon approached they did try to offer support to those willing to help but their way of life feeding from supernatural creatures and claiming to be better than them didn’t sit well. Their most productive cooperation was with the Eugenics group as they swapped findings so they could help make their ranks pure and free from addictive personalities which was proving a major issue as Vampire blood was addictive.