They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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In this group the list is vast, we have Elves, Trolls, Fae, Gnomes, Merfolk, basically all the make believe fairy tale creatures one can think of. One big difference that makes them not part of the ‘Human’ category is that they are not Human, they are supernatural creatures and they are not in the shape-shifter category because they do not change form. They are called humanoid because they are creatures that have evolved along similar lines as the human race they though some are still a complete puzzle like the Merfolk.


In Iceland elves are a race of small beings that like to hide and come out to dance, most of the world believe elves to be tall creatures with beautiful features and pointed ears. Real elves are not the wonderfully tranquil race from the Tolkien stories, they should have been placed in the Vampire category but they refused to let themselves be labelled thusly as their diet consists of more than blood and souls.

Elves are peaceful but deadly, they are very tall and thin they have the characteristic pointy ears but a mouth full of pointed teeth. They were originally the predators of humans as the races evolved, they needed to be swifter and taller and able to quickly rip the flesh from their bones. Meeting a real elf is not a good thing despite Meg’s jovial attitude towards them, when she finally does encounter one she is scared.

Many hundreds of years ago they slipped behind the Veil but along with a lot of Humanoids they disappeared completely, the odd elf does remain, old and jaded they are not to be messed with they usually prey on livestock stripping them to the bone in random patches leaving them in fields.


Commonly called fairies, they are small creatures, various form are found all over the world and vary in size and wing style. At first glance they are mistaken for insects and most are about the size of insects, there is a mistaken belief that these creatures are of a higher intelligence however these creatures are quite basic in their needs, they have evolved to mimic a humans appearance like a stick or leaf insect have evolved to look like their surrounding Fae evolved to look a bit like humans so that they would not get preyed upon, they are insects.


Creatures found in Northern regions, they are usually large with gruff expressions, simple mindedness and quite aggressive. It is understood that they are an awkward evolution of Neanderthal, the few remaining Neanderthal that hadn’t been killed or bred into crosses by early man fled to where they could be hunted no more, but thousands of years of such a small gene-pool and the need to eat and keep away humans has evolved them into a slow-witted mass coming out at night when humans are in bed. It’s a sad fate but a natural evolutionary step to cope with humans. Hunting and the lack of finding mates has reduced their numbers and now can only be found in the very remote areas of Finland, Sweden and Norway.


These are really humans, like the pigmy tribe of Africa, a race of humans suffering from the dwarfing gene found their small size an advantage, their intelligence is just that of a normal human and dealt with any situation using their brains. Sadly they did not diversify and their numbers dwindled, a couple of hundred years ago they scattered in the search for more of their kind but to no avail, the sighting of a gnome now is very rare as all are believed dead.


Usually called mermaids but mermaid refers to the females. They are very unusual the top half very much like a person and the bottom half a fish. Technically a mistaken identity, a lot of people now think that manatees or dugongs were what they were really seeing but that is a false statement as well. Merfolk are a species on their own, as primitive dog like creatures evolved, one into the wolf, one into the bear and the other into the dolphin so did something similar with early hominids, as one branch stretched on and evolved into man a very early branch headed to the water, evolving similar to a seal they kept their dexterous fingers. Their curiosity got the better of them and have nearly been wiped out they remain sparse on remote islands in the tropics.