They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Everyone knows what a werewolf is, there seems little point to go over them except maybe these ones are slightly different to the standard movie type werewolves.

Always born a werewolf, no one can be changed by being scratched or bitten, you'd be hard pushed to recognise a werewolf sitting beside you if it was human. Yes they can change into human form and wolf form and the big hairy beast that is the recognisable creature we all call the werewolf.

They are fairly peaceful unless disturbed, some live with their Canis Lupus counter parts and some live in amongst humans, they are not triggered by the full moon and nor are they triggered by aggressive emotions any changing is fully under their control they learn from the moment they discover their ability when they are babies/cubs.

Werewolves are not immortal, they do however have extended life expectancy, a werewolf in its beast form is an immensely powerful creature and should not be tackled by anyone unless they are well equipped. Silver works best to bring down a werewolf but even this can be a bit misleading, vampires and werewolves rarely come in contact with each other and unlike modern popular culture they do not hate each other they respect each other for being another member of the supernatural world, however one race of vampires is hated by the werewolves and that's the Fenrir. Werewolves believe that Fenris is an evil god much like the Christian faith The Devil/Satan/Lucifer Fenris' spawn must be wiped from the earth and they try their best but so far the Fenrir race are well practiced at defending themselves against a werewolf attack.

Werewolves can be turned by a vampire despite a popular misconception that they can't, it is believed by Vampires Hunters that the South American Chupacabra is the result of this, a supernatural dog like creature that lives and dies but feed solely on blood.

Werewolves only reproduce with other werewolves, they cannot produce offspring with humans or wolves, during the pregnancy the female cannot shape-change or she risks losing the baby, the changing of her uterus shape will cause a miss-carriage.

Werewolves & Shape-Shifters

There are various creatures all over the planet that shape-shift, they are loosely referred too as were-creatures, the most common being the werewolf. In different parts of the world it isn't always wolves but other creatures like Behemoth a sort of were-elephant found in Africa the mixture of were-lion turned by the Greek Lamia would create a half lion half serpent as the creature aged this gives the impression that all those hundreds of years ago those mythical beasts humans use in fairy stories or for heraldic coats of arms could have been real, once upon a time...

Werefeline and Weresimian

Not as widespread as the werewolf but they do exist, with the exception of the Lion race they keep to themselves living solitary lives. They can live their lives as cat or human, what ever takes their fancy, they like to stay away from cities and large town. Though the werefeline does not often come into contact with werewolves they do however come into conflict with the weresimian, the ape or monkey were-creature, think along the lines of two clans that cannot get along and that’s is how they behave.


The biggest land animal currently on the planet, they are very rare now, humans have captured the odd glimpse of one, rumours and blurry clips have circulated the Internet calling them giant elephants or bald woolly mammoths but none have been captured and those claiming to have seen them are often accused of being drunk or for making up imaginary sightings. They do indeed look like giant elephants or large grey-skinned woolly mammoths with no hair, and that is their animal form, as humans they usually look like massively proportioned ‘worlds-strongest-man’ and as their were-creature form they are unspeakably huge, the tales that tell of elephants that carry the world on their back may have been based on these creatures, more than a millennia ago people would go into battle with them, they were the original war-elephants but now their existence had faded to mystery and only recanted in fairy-tales.


A Celtic myth based on a real creature. These creatures are seals that can change into human form, they shed their skin and walk ashore, they keep the pelt as their way of returning to the sea and their own kind. Curious they like to live with the humans and experience their way of life. Many tales have been told about Selkies coming ashore and falling in love and in each story the reason for their return to the sea changes, it is believed that the stories have been overly-romanticised to make the reader more empathetic with the main characters. For the real Selkie it is the draw of the sea that brings them back a subconscious yearning that eventually takes over them, their pelt must remain intact for them to change back for if not they are trapped as a human for the remainder of their life. Many children have been born to Selkie-human pairings and the resulting children have a fascination with the sea, if the parent pelt is kept the child may possess the ability to change but they will never have their own, one must be born pure Selkie to possess a pelt.

Werewolf is a loose term encompassing all the canine were-creatures, foxes, jackals, dholes etc and these creatures spread to almost every part of the world.

As you can see on the map they cover almost the entire planet, it may appear they are vast in numbers but the actual number only runs into several thousand, they live in small packs or pairs spread wide apart in every country except the smaller islands, Australia the very North Pole and Antarctica.

World distribution of werewolves and other canine were-creatures.

Distribution of werefelines

Distribution of weresimians

They have the same issues as werewolves, they cannot shape-change when pregnant.

Their distribution is not as much as werewolves and the simians tend to stay in groups but they are found wide spread in the Southern hemisphere.

Edward changed into his normal form as he landed in the garden belonging to the Prince, something made his ear twitch the very faintest of noises prompted him to pull out his gun and point, his eyes followed his aim, standing two foot away was a large werewolf, with a gruff snort the hairy beast changed into human form “I got closer Wolfe, next time I’ll have you.”

Edward put away his gun “Next time I won’t refrain from pulling the trigger.”

- excerpt from Short story Thursday

Black Dog

This shape-changing creature has many names throughout the world, but one thing is always similar, the animal is a black canine. Wolfhound, Labrador, German Shepherd, wolf, jackal or a scruffy mongrel are the most commonly reported ones they are all black, some have yellow eyes and some red or green but these animals are harbingers of bad luck and even a death omen. Human’s fear of them has resulted in an almost world wide extinction but a few remain. Some believe they may be the Fates from Greek mythology as their human appearance is a young maiden, a woman or an old hag. This however is not true, they can appear all ages and be male or female, they are not evil but misfortune does follow in their wake, they cannot speak any human language when they come across a human that they know will suffer they try to warn them but their voices are warped and come out like wailing and shrieking. It truly is terrifying to those who do not know what they are.

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