They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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  Someone had slipped Cerberus a sedative and opened the gates to Tartarus setting free all the evil of the ancients, the blood bath within the army compound was unlike anything seen for a long time, this was not death made by accident this was carnage caused by wrath. A sight only dreamt up in the most disturbed of minds the man walked through, the twitching remains of a were-creature the head still attached to the neck one shoulder and that arm its spine flicked like a cats tail no ribcage or other limbs the creature was still alive, loading a silver bullet the man fired a mercy shot.   

  They ran through the forest but the sound of heavy footsteps and grunting followed them at a fast pace, they came to another village, no villagers could be seen anywhere, as they slowed down the grunting footsteps caught up with them.

Meg, Morgan and Ray all turned slowly at once, they faced the Chupacabra, it’s four large teeth could clearly be seen as it snarled at them.

Meg readied herself, she stood with her claws extended, the creature lunged forward diving at Meg. She braced herself as the creature hit her, its teeth sunk into her arm and started to shake her violently.

Morgan and Ray both grabbed sticks then tried to help by beating it. Meg was dropped as it snarled at the two men, she took the chance to swipe at its head and knock it off her, she didn’t give it a chance to get up she started to rip at it with her claws then she sunk her teeth in it and drank what blood remained in its body.

-Two excerpt from: Book 2 Alpha & Omega

               nce upon a time the world was as one, everything had it’s place and most were content, the human race had evolved, an extra curious race with wits and an intelligence that rivaled the gods but in their naive attempt to become stronger and better than the gods that surrounded them brought only closed-eyed vision. A millennia ago the veil was created to hide the delicate and the frightening, to keep apart humans from the other sentient creatures. In the Dark-Ages a draft was formed separating yet again the different races, as the elves and fae were lost to fairytales goblins, trolls and mythical beasts all followed suit, as Christianity spread the gods ascended leaving the monstrous creatures. In those Dark-Ages as the new Veil was being drafted Dominors came from all over, they each claimed to rule their land, the collective name of Vampyre was given to those creatures that depended on blood or souls for survival, the draft was thin as was the Veil they created they’re dependence on humans could not allowed them to become as the fae and disappear completely.

The Supernatural

The creatures nature books forgot.

The Book of the Vampire

In the early Nineteenth century this notorious book was eventually published after the death of the author. The vampire community did not want this book published they feared it would be believed and humans would take up arms against them and it would be a repeat of the Inquisition. Edward was ordered and did his job, he killed the author before he completed the book but he forgot to check all ‘mistresses’ and the publishing house themselves for copies and extra notes, the book ended up published anyway and with the marvellous rumour that the author may have been killed by a real vampire sales went through the roof. Luckily it was taken as a spoof and enjoyed as a clever joke.

“The book was leather bound and looked very old. When she flipped it over to read the title it said The Book of the Vampire, she was confused, she flicked through the pages looking at the pictures she read some of the paragraphs. Meg was puzzled why she would get this type of book and from who… the elf? Just as she was closing it she noticed something hand written on the inside leaf, she read it.

‘Happy birthday Meg, read this and keep an open mind, I’m not an elf.’

Alexander Wolfe”

- Excerpt Book One She-Wolf

Encyclopaedia of the Forgotten

In response to the human book they needed a more open minded non-bias response, they needed the idea of what’s out there planted in their mind so that when the time comes it’s not so difficult for them to believe, with the human race discovering every part of the world and the British Empire now vast passage would be easy, Edward with his mistake offered himself as the reluctant would-be naturalist, he had to travel the globe noting not just the Vampire races but all species he came across that were classed as supernatural, a myth or make-believe. Rebelling slightly at first only doing the most basic of reports and notes he was told  to improve, by the time the first edition of the book was published he began to enjoy it, delving into every part including could he have sex with it and how many ways can it be killed. New editions were published as and when he had enough new entries, to the end he kept notes of anything different or unusual about any supernatural creature he encountered even though they stopped publishing the books.

The Prince was happy for him “Remember to keep your true nature hidden until it comes time to Turn her, I don’t want more rumours about vampires going around the country.”

“She won’t hear it from me but she already believes in vampires, she has that blasted book, you know the one, The Book of the Vampire.”

The Prince chuckled “Aww Eddie sweetie maybe one day you’ll be able to forget about it.”

- Excerpt Short Story, Thursday

Groups of Species

Click on the links below to find out more about each group of species, some content is of an adult nature and not recommended for children, includes some notes from Mr Wolfe’s study.

A list of all the creatures classed as Vampires, all the blood and soul sucking supernatural beings.



Werewolves and shape-shifters, those who change from one thing to another but are not classed as a vampire.


Werewolves & Shape-Shifters

Humans that are more than just ‘the average person’. These are the ones that deal with Supernatural creatures on a daily bases.


Humanoid, these are a mixture of various races either similar to human or would appear part human. Elves and Mermaids included.




By the middle ages things had become desperate, the inquisition ruled and all were deemed devils, the vampires had separated into two sects the Gaea and the Ardat-Lili (later changed to Lilitu) another version of the Veil had to be formed and a truce between the sects was agreed, Dominors were now responsible for their dominion and all their minions within it, in order to save their races from the brink of extinction they had to hide in plain sight and keep strict control so after a few generations humans will forget all that has happened and stop killing them en-mass. Werewolves were part of the organisation, they were not quite of one world and not quite of the other, they sided with the vampires to stay, hoping they would be able to return to being companions of the humans.

As the pagan beliefs were wiped out and as people lost it in their hearts to truly believe in the wonders of the world a lot of other creatures disappeared, many were taken to extinction, heraldic beasts and what was considered curiosities wiped out. Humans are now left to ponder about the old animal depictions, were they really like that or was it a description passed on to an ill-informed artist.

Modern times have rendered these creatures as nothing more than myth and fantasy, only true believers or the insane openly admit to seeing the supernatural, the Veil has done it’s job for the most part, now as Ragnarok approaches will humans accept that they are part of a much bigger picture or will they fight to be the ultimate beings.


Of the


Edward Wolfe

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Disclaimer: Please note that all information is a work of fiction based on stories, fairytales and a good bit of creative license.