They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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From Greece they are usually female, people say they often have one leg of a donkey but they have been seen as either human or mule. They prey on travellers who are wandering alone on the little travelled roads around Greece. Due to the belief they rob graves and kill sheep they have been nearly hunted to extinction a few remain in the very remotest parts of Greece. Some remaining Empusa Vampires have taken to modern life well and live in tourist hot-spots these ones usually appear male and like to prey on wealthy middle-aged women on the look out for some quick holiday romance.

Rural Empusa are most often female, they spend their day as a Jenny (female donkey) then at night they change into a woman and feed on lost men. They feed on their blood as any normal vampire would they can choose to kill or leave alive their victim, in modern times they have to leave alive.

Urban Empusa are more often male, they spend their days as mules, not quite a donkey and not quite a horse but  sterile half and half, a sad fate neither one nor the other, a sort of over compensation they try to act like Incubi seducing women and giving them a passionate holiday romance that will ultimately come to nothing.

There is a couple of ways in which an Empusa can be created, they can be Turned by similar means to the Incubus or they can appear unexpectedly. Most often a transfer of soul on the New Moon to the intended creates the new Empusa, the intended then spends about a month slowly changing into a donkey and on the next New Moon they begin their new life as a fully formed Empusa. The other way which is far rarer is where one is born, they are born like any human, they look human but as they hit puberty they begin to change, like an opposite werewolf they change every New Moon into a donkey, not exciting like a werewolf, they spend their night eating and walking around, only when they have experienced their fist sexual encounter is the change complete they then spend an eternity as donkey by day and Vampire by night.

Edward states in a later edition of the Encyclopaedia of the Forgotten that he believes the Empusa is in a natural state of separating into two separate species, the two genders have very little to do with one another and are only in the same species because they change into an ass or mule during the day.

They can be killed in any normal vampire way, burning, chopping off their head, bleeding to death, stake through the heart(in Succubus & Incubus this only paralyses) as well as killing the donkey during they day in any normal way you’d kill a living creature. They are the traditional immortal, they can live for however long until they get killed.

Although no longer found in groups, their numbers were severally harmed but with the birth of the male gender their numbers have grown again and can now be found in Greece, Crete, Cyprus and Sicily.

Empusa in She-Wolf:

None that Meg knows of.

Total in Scotland: None

Total Worldwide: Reaching into the thousand bracket, it is hard to keep track of the rural ones.