They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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A French vampire found in no particular region they like to spend their time as snakes or as bulls. They bite peoples ankles as they pass and instead of pumping poison they suck blood. The also like to pretend to be bulls or cows, they wander in with a herd and when they are hungry they will gouge out another member of the herd then lick up the blood. Every effort has been made by humans to eradicate this race in the past and even now Vampire Hunters have problems.

Believed to originated from the river Huisne, France.

The tale tells of a man that had been mortally wounded by a bull in a near by field, desperate to get away the man headed for the river, as he gasped on the shores unable to go on his blood trickled down and where it mingled with the cool clear water the serpent appeared offering him relief from his fate, the man accepted with his last breath. Visions of being the bull that attacked him and slithering through the water like the serpent haunted him as he woke to find himself no longer human.

Huisne have spread all over France, a trickle into Spain but their main growth of population has gone from France into Italy, Switzerland and Belgium, some have crossed the waters into Canada, USA and parts of South America.

They feed on blood drinking from gouges caused by bulls horns or biting ankles as a snake, they do not have the traditional fangs of a vampire so if they feed in human form they have to cut their victim to bleed them.

In modern times to Turn a new Huisne a human must be in water and at the point of death, the creator feeds them a piece of their spectral soul and ends by submerging them in water. The intended must remain submerged under the surface when the following evening they will emerge by themselves a Vampire.

Edward notes in the Encyclopaedia that they appear to be more dependant on water than they let on, taking one away from a clean source will weaken it, in a desert where there is no water they can dry up and die. He also notes that dirty and stagnant water is like poison but fresh rain can revive and in summer they gather outside instead of finding shelter so their bodies can regenerate.

They do not have to but they prefer to sleep under water but not salt water it must be clean fresh water deep enough to keep the sunlight out.

Huisne in She-Wolf:


Huisne in Scotland: None but it seems like their should be.

Huisne worldwide: Though they were hunted to near extinction in the past number just less than one hundred they have now reach nearly two thousand sticking to areas with plenty of water.