They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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From Russia but believed to have migrated from Turkey, they scavenge like foxes feeding on dead bodies lying around they are fairly common in their home 'Mother-Russia' but they are not so common elsewhere. They have no specifics they look much like an unkempt person who has very bad breath and if they are in towns and cities they could be mistaken for a homeless person. They often have a stray dog for a companion, the dog helps find 'food'.

The vulture of the Vampire world, these Vampire very rarely kill, they will scavenge crime scenes and back alleys for food, they are often found in areas with homeless or in areas with a high homicide rate, they will also feed on animals blood, in desperate times they will ferret road kill and guzzle it by the side of the road. Their benign nature means they often come in contact with humans, too many have been ‘moved along’ by the police think them merely homeless tramps.

They have no desire or need to own possessions they may have a sentimental necklace but nothing more than what they can carry around with them.

They are often seen with a dog, the dog may or may not be a pet Cruorin it depends on how well the dog helps them find food.

Permission to Turn another Upir is granted in advance before the creator has found a prospective progeny, their method of selection is purely accidental, if they come across a desperate dying human who has no one and is willing to give up everything to live they offer them a chance of further existence, what the human gets is never what they expect but ultimately their Vampire life is what they make of it. A Vampire of note would be the Inuit Canadian Dominor, he’s an Upir with one of his Inuit dogs as a pet, he was the rare victim of an attack, the Upir that did the attack was ashamed of what he did and Turned the human.

They are Turned in the normal manner, brought to point of death and fed their creators blood.

Upir are killed in the normal manner as well, Sunlight, burning, beheading, staking, bled dry. Religious items do not work.

They have a very special power that makes they quite special and the only reason snobby Vampires tolerate them in their presence, they have the ability to sleep in places no Vampire can, they can make a simple cardboard box a light-proof safe haven for the day, they can do the same to doorways and under bridges, it’s as if they cast a spell to make the object a large shadow. They cannot create a safe haven out of nothing something has to be there and they have to be given a few minutes of peace to enchant the item, their dog acts as a guard while they sleep.

Some Upir have taken to a more normal way of life, they try to fit in society especially if there is few homeless people in the area they want to live.

Upir in She-Wolf:

Meg will have come across the two that live in Edinburgh, one of whom is Thomas a young man from an upper class background.

Upir in Scotland: Two

Upir Worldwide: Approximately 750