They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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  Groping hands and heated groans the throws of ecstasy could be heard in the surrounding forest, the young boy battled and won the voluptuous woman she gave into him with every stroke and thrust, triumphant in his win the woman like an opera singer called to the heavens her powerful lungs making it clear to all around that her instrument had been plucked and played and the song finished. In the delicate after throws of their love making they nestled in the clearing, a single standing stone was all that remained of the once ancient religious site, they bathed in the starlight enjoying the fresh air on their naked skin “What do you want Astrild?” The woman asked.


- Excerpt from Book 3 Angel Among Men

Overview of main characters

Below is a brief description of each main character, for more detail of that character click on their name or their profile picture and it will take you to a page all about them. It is recommended you read the book(s) before reading all information as some of the details may give away parts of the story but if you’re curious take a look anyway.

A pregnant woman walked past and headed into the toy shop, Meg watched longingly, without realising it she put her hand on her stomach wishing for something she could never have. She’d never know the joy of carrying a child, she’d never know the feeling of bringing life into this world and she’d never know what it’s like to be called ‘mum’.  - Book 1 She-Wolf

Meg Wolfe turned as a young woman before getting married, she has a lack of confidence and an unhealthy dependence on a stronger male to take care of her, she was turned a virgin her greatest regret was not having any children.

Meg Wolfe

Edward Wolfe a gun wielding psychopath, a few shades darker than the average well adjusted vampire, his only saving grace was a young women he fell in love with. She made him want to better his life and live with a greater moral compass.

  Edward couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Just the two of us? Our own?”

Alexander smiled “Yes, now get to that wedding marry the woman you love and finally settle down like a normal man.”  - Book 3 Angel Among Men

Edward Wolfe

Alexander Wolfe, a fun loving character that has two other sides, his religious side and his drug addict side, Meg is almost oblivious to his problems because for most of the time he is her guardian elf. He is hopelessly in love with Meg but knows she doesn’t return the same amount of affection despite attempts to try and get her to be with him.

  “Alexander?” She tried to speak, her voice crackled and croaked.

There before her was her childhood guardian elf or in this instance her guardian angel, Alexander lifted his head and smiled. Meg felt a sudden release she felt safe knowing he was there, it had been so long since she saw him and he hadn’t changed, his smile was a comfort his eyes still had the sparkle.  - Book 2 Alpha & Omega

Alexander Wolfe

The Prince Ruling vampire of Scotland lives in a Georgian house in Edinburgh, he has apparently been there since before the city was a city and before humans had ever decided to start colonising the area. Originally believed to be from Greece he never lets on his true origins. Some believe he calls himself The Prince because he IS the Prince of Darkness, only two people know his true origins his closest friend Edward and his favourite pet Andy. His origins are unravelled throughout the series.

  “I shall ask you again, are you the Prince of darkness?” Hans asked.

The Prince smiled “yes I am, is that the answer you want, that is why everyone calls me the Prince because I am The Prince.”

“But the Prince of Darkness is the Devil and you are not the Devil.” Hans replied.

 - Book 2 Alpha & Omega

The Prince

Azriel Wolfe With a sad melancholy he could be considered a lost boy, a type of Chimera he doesn’t truly feel part of any world despite affections of his loving family trying to make him stay behind the veil, biological urges kick in causing various problems.

Azriel Wolfe

From a distance Azriel stopped and looked back upon the groups, he fitted in neither, a loner yet again, his mum was right people pick on what they do not understand and he was witnessing it here one group not understanding the other resulting in puerile behaviour.  - Book 3 Angel Among Men

Eric Wolfe one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, his mixture of Scots and old English language is strange but he catches on fast and picks up English in next to no time. A blacksmith by trade he makes very sought after weaponry, he is responsible for Alexander's sword, Having been a vampire for nearly a thousand years he looks more animal than man but his demeanour shines through and he is seen for what he really is a remarkable trustworthy man.

  She was greeted by a friendly embrace, Eric always looked happy nothing seemed to bring him down, Meg wondered if he ever felt anything else she thought it must be nice to go through life content and blissfully unaware of the horrific nature that is civilization.  - Book 3 Angel Among Men

Eric Wolfe Tjolnir Wolfeson

Tjolnir Wolfeson the founder of the the Wolfe line. A Viking believed to be a child of Fenrir the Wolf he is strong and his real appearance is no longer human bearing a greater resemblance to a werewolf than a man he spends much of his time alone or in the company of Eric his long standing friend and progeny.

 He grabbed her hand and held her close. “Don’t you ever insult me again, those words belittle every warrior that fought and lost their life under my leadership, they disgrace the valour of those who were slain by our blades.”

 “I’m sorry, I only meant that you behave like a normal man not like the story books portray.” Meg looked up into his eyes, he could see she was being sincere “Forget the story books we sat together while I taught you how to speak and read my language, you stayed with myself and Eric out at the farm was there any point that I did not behave gentlemanly?”  

 - Book 3 Angel Among Men

Eddie Wolfe

Eddie Wolfe A sad product of his inherited genes, he is a kind of clairvoyant or seer, he sees versions of the future but always trying to look for the best path he finds out that in life there is always a balance, choices are hard and often he lets events play out before him trying not to interfere.

The constant stress of being able to see the future means he is hanging onto his sanity by a thread, he seeks solace in another much to the families disgust.


AE3450/Matt a product of eugenics and conditioned in a National Socialist Party underground group in America, with genetic manipulation and his Aryan breeding it has given him given him superior human physiology, not supernatural in anyway he is simply a near perfect modern day man. With all the attention paid specifically to improving physique and mental attributes they became self assured that with the many generations of Aryan’s he’d be the perfect blonde-haired blue-eyed boy but nature likes to throw a spanner in the works making them realise they still have a long way to go before everything is fully understood.

There is a whole host of characters through out the series far too many to list all, the characters listed are the main ones from the Wolfe family or connected to the Wolfe family. Others from Book 1 She-Wolf: Arrays, Chris, Eladria, Ray, Morgan, John, Draven follow into other books and more are introduced in Book 2 Alpha & Omega Nicole, Andy, Kiernan, Hans, Jamie, Lexy, Dean, Susan  as life changes and some characters are no longer there in Book 3 Angel Among Men the most notable side characters are Diane, Katherine, Psyche and Nathaniel. It may seem like a lot of people but the series takes place over several decades and over several countries.

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Secondary Characters