They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Humans that for all reasons should be called supernatural hunters but they have chosen to call themselves Vampire Hunters. They, as the name suggests, hunt vampires or anything supernatural, they just find young vampires the easiest target so go after them more. Not all Vampire Hunters hunt to kill, some hunt to capture alive and study. There is no proper world wide organisation they lack unity, what they do have is small groups of dedicated people scattered all about the world.

Vampire Hunters will often do work for the Magi but don't often like what the Magi do, the odd rogue Magi has changed and become a Vampire Hunter but this isn't seen very often, one fundamental difference between the Vampire Hunters and the Magi is Vampire Hunters want to rid the world of all evil blood/soul ingesting supernatural creatures where as the Magi will happily use Vampire blood to make themselves stronger and live longer, if it wasn't for the fact that Magi are still classed as human they would be on the Vampire Hunters hit list as well.

Vampire Hunters

It is rumoured that becoming a Vampire Hunter is like an awakening, the mind suddenly becomes aware of all that is around, sadly this is not quite true, yes there are some Vampire Hunters out there  that have this ability but much like UFO and Alien fanatics Vampire Hunters are usually just people that have become intoxicated by the supernatural world and view it as their job to rid the planet of all creatures they deem evil. It is a sad reality that most Vampire Hunters are male and most have come to be as they have found a lacking in their normal workaday human lives, female Vampire Hunters are usually smart-mouthed women who wish to prove not only are they equal but are better than their male counterparts most never live long enough to worry about their biological clock ticking so children brought up in the Vampire Hunter environment is never an issue.

Vampire Hunters and other Human Groups

Vampire Hunters and the Magi often work together over one project or another, they however do not like to keep company of the other groups feeling they are ‘sell-outs’ of some form or another.

Biology of a Hunter

They are just human, they do not have extended lives, they possess no supernatural powers (except those rare few that can see behind the Veil). They study and read up on what is out there and a couple of rare copies of Encyclopaedia of the Forgotten have proven to be their bible in their war against the supernatural, they recommend it as compulsory reading for anyone interested in taking up the mysterious creature killing profession, quite a few will learn some basic effective magic as a defence. As with normal human society Vampire Hunters have those more inclined to be ‘the Hero’ and those who would prefer to be the ‘tech wizard’. Small groups are dotted all over the world each specialising in the particular types of supernatural creatures found in their area, bar the odd chatroom conversation or video link there is no coordination no global link between the various groups, the odd cable show or small magazine has been run but with the of one cable show that grew and headed to a better station none have taken off with any great success.

Vampire Hunters found in She-Wolf

The hunter that attacks Meg and Edward in their house.

The hunter that heckles them in Central Park.

The group that reappear in Central Park.

Vampire Hunters found throughout the series

Mike, a man on the edge of becoming a hunter.

A group that capture Meg’s crèche, including Dean & Susan (pictured above) as named recurring characters that eventually decide to leave get married and start a family.