They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Meg Wolfe

Full maiden name: Megan Mackenzie

Date of Birth: 28th August 1940

Place of Birth: Perth

Where grew up: Wolfe Farm

Schooling: Small country school in Dalwhinnie

Mother: Lady Elizabeth Anne Wolfe

Father: George Mackenzie

Date Married: 1962

How many children: Difficult answer, Eddie was adopted, James, Jamie and Lexy are or in an indirect way are step-children, Azriel, Garren, Elizabeth and Thomas are biological as well as the wolf cubs that never get named.

Date of Turning: 28th August 1960

Creator: Edward Wolfe

Progeny: Eddie Wolfe


5’6” tall, long Blonde-Brown straight hair, steel grey eyes maybe hinting towards blue. She has a full-figure but is not fat that means she has curves without being overweight. Her soft skin is pale and after being Turned becomes paler, she has no tattoos or major scars from being human, he has a beauty spot on her side. Her race looks Scandinavian, Germanic and mixed British difficult to pin-point exactly. By the end of the series she has big black eyes and pointy teeth, her ears elongate slightly but not like the men.

Personality & Attitude:

Very naïve maybe a bit ignorant, frustratingly ditsy at times, jealous of others trying to take her husband and protective of the family in general. Starts of unsure of herself but her self confidence grows through the series and she grows into a confident and powerful Vampire. By the end she is very much the Alpha She-Wolf and deserves her end fate it really is where she belongs.

She adores her family and protects them as much as she possibly can, once someone is accepted as part of the wolf-pack or Wolfe family they come under her protection. She is fiercely loyal to the family first and foremost then secondly she is loyal to her Dominor and Dominion.

Skills & Abilities:

As a human she had only the basic primary schooling, she then had to stay at home and help her parents on the farm. After they died she gave up on a lot of the farm and got a job in the local inn as a cleaner/chamber maid, later she got work in the pub side of the inn. After she was Turned she learnt some of the basic skills while with Edward but after he died she became a Necromancer and her powers grew. She did some night classes in writing and art while she had a job in a hospital pharmacy then a corner shop after that in an animal shelter. Tjolnir later teaches her to speak, read and write Norse. When put under pressure she can perform surprising herself and those around her.

Meg and the same gender:

Very touchy subject, she had her friend as a human who was a bit of a tart, then she had to deal with Eladria who was a former lover of Edward’s, so from the start as a vampire she was wary of other women but that mixed with her inherited wolfish animal instinct she feels the need to be top and keep other females under her. If she comes across a woman that will not fall in line or threatens her family she uses quite terminal methods (similar to Edward) to control her, great example is Matt’s mum, she posed a threat so Meg disposed of her. Diane is another character that Meg warns the men against, they say she was jealous but Meg could sense what Diane was after.

Meg and the opposite gender:

She is in love with her husband Edward Wolfe and though from one book to the next they have their problems they are very much well suited for one another. Despite her love for Edward she has a second love and that is Matt, very hard at times as one is very different from the other. She has a strong fondness for all the Wolfe men as they all look like Edward. She views most men as food or a nuisance only a powerful male that has the capability to over power her and be sized up as suitable sire to prospective offspring will she give quality time.

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