They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Eugenics Experiments

Humans bred specifically and in modern times genetically altered to be the perfect human. They have been bred to be disease resistant and their line free from any impurities.

Long associated with the darker side of human experimentation and the Socialist National Party Eugenics were and still are looking to make the perfect man. An underground group with bases in Germany, America and Russia they have fertility clinics as their legal front. Not only do these clinics help pay for their experimentations but it is also an excellent way to slip the occasional zygote into a surrogate thus helping spread genetically altered humans and getting the general population healthier. This also provides them with research data on how their work performs when confronted with day-to-day stresses.

Super Soldiers

World domination is the ultimate goal of the Eugenics Group, they plan to wipe all ethnic groups from the earth even to the point of brown-eyed brunette Caucasians. This is very extreme and in order to achieve this they have bred an army of super soldiers, with old-fashioned selective breeding and modern genetic manipulation they have created and almost perfect modern man that has reached its potential to be the ultimate warrior.

Eugenics and other groups

Raising an army costs money, they occasionally sell off soldiers to prospective buyers like a commodity or livestock but have pretty much nothing to do with other human groups, they view non-Aryans as a taint.


Always blonde, always blue-eyed, always a picture of perfection but they don’t just have the looks they have the brains to match. The leaders and members of the group spend most of their life as scientists or doctors running clinics and physical training camps, a few have become technicians/mechanics as they try to build and create the equipment needed to keep up with their experiments. Women are obliged at some point to have a child and the father of the child is selected by their compatibility and genetic screening. Other than that women share equal place with the men their nimble fingers make them excellent at working with delicate experiments and a friendly female face is welcome by general woman seeking fertility clinic help.

The soldiers they have created do not share the freedom of their creators, they are kept in constant confinement with the vast improvement of cloning techniques soldiers now make up a huge amount of the Eugenics numbers. The soldiers are always male, the women experimental soldiers are kept confined and used purely for baring children or experimenting on.

Joining the Group

It is not normal for new members to join though not impossible, if a person shows adequate racial genocide opinions and looks the part they are given a DNA work up to see what is in their background, if they show no sign of ethnic diversity for five generations they are admitted.

Eugenics in She-Wolf

None that Meg is aware of although we later find out that one was watching her and Nicole (New York Altus) has connections with Eugenics.

Eugenics throughout the series


Nicole has joined the group despite his ‘Russian’ appearance and possible Chuchki background.

Soldiers in September eleventh attack

Soldiers in Ireland

Disclaimer: Eugenic in this context is fictional not based on the facts of the real eugenics work, racial talk is for story purposes only.