They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Brief Description: Famous for being the goat sucker. The true Chupacabra are a hairless dog race some have been seen with manes that flow down their backs, they live in northern South America, they also have a somewhat monkey appearance, they are supernatural but they are not immortal, they feed solely on blood. Since the destruction of their homes in the rainforest they have been forced to move into closer contact with humans, their prey which was small jungle antelopes has changed to goats and cattle. They can be shot, poisoned, run over etc etc all these things will kill them.


Full description:

Sadly this creature has been mislabelled and misidentified so many times that they struggle to be taken seriously. Originally spread across a vast area from Mexico down to the south of Argentina there was regional variations, colour, hair length, teeth shape but all were the same species. They were very elusive avoiding native indigenous humans but as invading explorers conquered the land cataloguing all the flora and fauna they disregarded the creatures as a myth believing the natives were making up false demons. So although the Chupacabra was a living animal back then they were dismissed.

The Chupacabra is a large dog/hyena cross ape-like creature with a mane of hair that can stretch all the way down the centre of its back, their faces resemble a mix between a canine and an ape and yes have four large canine teeth that protrude between their lips giving them the signature ‘fangs’. They are not immortal they have a life span of about forty years, they live much like a pack of wolves one lead pair and family members of various ages, they can be killed in any normal way that would kill a living creature, their supernatural status comes from the unwillingness of humans to accept their existence, their diet of blood has grouped them as a race of Vampires, knowing this it would be easy then to class Vampire bats and leaches as ‘vampires’ but the Chupacabra are self aware and have language and understanding beyond the great apes abilities.

Their numbers were culled as the Spanish Invaders advanced leaving pockets in the rain forest, their main prey being the smaller herbivores, in modern times as human encroachment has cut down a vast amount of the rainforest they have come into conflict, they do not feed on humans they feed on their livestock this is where their name, Chupacabra, came from though they almost never venture into their old territory of Mexico now.

Edward noted that they gave him the impression of being a type of abomination a werewolf turned Vampire, he noted that a creature that has been called the Maned-wolf lives in South America and reckoned that if one of them was a werecreature that got Turned but the Turning wasn’t fully successful it may have resulted in the creature they see now. At the time his theory was scoffed at, snobbish Dominors never understanding why anyone would want to Turn a werecreature but now with blood work testing his theory holds some truth, the bloods had been traced back through the female line showing that it had a large element of Maned-wolf DNA, the Y chromosome of the males is human, some time back it would appear a human had a liaison with a werecreature and the union was fruitful just where about's the vampirism came into it they are uncertain.

Chupacabra in She-Wolf:

Altus in America

Total in Scotland: None

Total worldwide: several hundred most of whom remain in South America