They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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“He noticed in the crowd a board in English ‘Free the Angel’

“Free the angel?” He was only confused for a second when a news flash with a Greek commentator speaking over the clips showed a white winged boy contained within a temporary isolation chamber “Azriel? AZRIEL…” Edward shouted at the window with the TV on the other side, in a panic he grabbed his mobile and tried to dial The Prince’s phone, there was no tone with his hands shaking he looked at the screen ‘out of network area’ flashed on the screen.”

Third in the I am Wolfe series.

Angel Among Men, the book that was never suppose to exist. Book two with the addition of Alexander and The Prince’s story line became such a length that it had to be divided up. The title for this book has always been a struggle since it was never suppose to exist it has always been loosely referred to as Book three or ‘the one where Azriel is born’. As with the previous novels this book had it beginnings years ago, since a portion of it was originally book two it was written between 2000 and 2002. Later additions came in 2004.

Book three follows the Wolfe family and The Prince, however with the birth of a child both are united and together they stand ready to defend their little part of the world. The final title came about as a parody to a book within the story, a book that is about angels and features Azriel, Azriel is given the book as a present.


After the September the eleventh disaster the world is gripped in terror, the Vampire community hasn’t faired so well, Dominor Dante is loosing his grip on America his last strong hold in New York was rescued by the unexpected visitors Tjolnir, Eric and Alexander but they need to return to Scotland, they wished to take Meg back with them but Dante pleaded to have her remain in the city to help defend it but alas too little too late.

America is now in the hands of the Lilitu under Dominor Modeus. He has captured Meg with plans to torture her and make her feel the physical pain his crèche felt when The Wolfe wiped them all out. Yet again Tjolnir and Eric appear in New York this time with the sole purpose to save the She-Wolf.

Meg finally returns home to Scotland. Relieved to be in a stable country with a strong leader she fore fills her desires, she wakes hours later only to find someone waiting, overweight and human she never notices she is just delighted to have her Edward back.

Settling into Edinburgh Meg finds out a miracle has happened, she is pregnant, all the family are excited but when the baby is born Alexander wants no part claiming the child a demon. The baby is named Azriel and Meg thinks he’s an angel.

Edward realises his mortality and has to think of another way to support his expanding family, he makes the choice to become a lawyer. Upsetting Boudicca means he has to study at the university instead of the pre-arranged home study.

The Prince had a lot riding on the birth of the child more than he let on to Meg, he comes under increasing family pressure and made to choose between his place among the stars or staying with his Vampire family.

Meg having had the delight of carrying a child puts pressure on Edward to have another, to the point where they spilt for a while, Edward is feeling the strain of having a serious health issue, studying and trying to bring up two children Eddie and Azriel.

Azriel grows rapidly, he is no ordinary child, he is a chimera, proven after a paternity test he has four fathers. At a glance he would be mistaken for an angel and this happens repeatedly. At a funeral in Greece he is captured but rescued sparking a series of television programs about Angels. In Greece Meg gets hold of an important map.

Meg tries to settle as Edward heads off to university, Diane appears after a failed attempt to claim a pregnancy is Eric’s she claims it is Edward’s and try's to blackmail him with information she has that he caused the hospital blackout and killed a doctor.

Azriel is no angel he is a trickster that likes to test people he plays a trick on his father Edward and makes Edward think that Meg and the Prince are sleeping together. As Modeus takes over a Councilium is called, Edward is hired as the Prince’s guard where the pair of them discover that Modeus is in fact Edward’s long lost son James but Modeus does not remember them and thinks it is mistaken identity.

Before Edward left he proposed to Meg again, she said she’d give him an answer if he returned alive, Eric is acting Dominor of Scotland and watching Eddie, during the day he ends up sleeping with a woman, Diane, the mother of one of Eddie’s classmates. Meg warns him she is just going to use him for his money but he doesn’t listen.

As Azriel grows he moves to Oxford with Edward and gets into a school, he meets the girl but suddenly feels inadequate. Things are sorted so that he becomes experienced. During a Christmas and New Years retreat Meg falls out with Edward and heads home. Azriel has to be rescued again as he is hunted with a camera.

Edward gets the job of disposing of a couple of English Altus while Dominor Boudicca is occupied. He does the job but in retaliation Boudicca captures and threatens Azriel she cuts off his feathers and throws him off the fourth rail bridge, sparking yet more Angel stories.

Edward settles in Oxford with his lecturers daughter being a constant pain in his neck, she thinks he’s a vampire or some mysterious being and he can’t get rid of her.

Azriel gets the lecturers daughter pregnant, Diane has her baby, Meg is sad with everything every other woman having babies and she’s not. After Edward leaves university he has an intern job which he hates and quits. He becomes ill and ends up in hospital all this is drawing closer to their wedding day. Another deal is struck to help him and cutting it very close the wedding is running late.

Meg is left standing at the alter thinking she has been stood up but in reality what goes on outside has them panicked, Hans tries to kill Edward. Edward finding himself a Vampire again gets to the wedding and marries Meg. At the wedding dance Boudicca takes him for punishment, Meg looses out on her important wedding gift.

Edward locked in imprisonment being slowly cut to pieces is forbidden from having visitors, Meg distraught and in an act of madness retrieves the map she was given, using Azriel they fly to Iceland in search of Fenris the Wolf, they find nothing and Meg trapped on rocky ground unable to hide cowers in the shade of a mountain until the sun comes round catching her.

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