They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Meg a delightfully naive young woman meets the handsome and charming Mr Wolfe, worried that she might lose her virginity early she doesn’t realise what direction her life is about to take and that she is about to lose and gain a whole lot more.

The succubus & incubus are not just medieval myths as she will find out how love comes in all shapes and forms.

The first in the series, She-Wolf is the début book. Although previously short stories had been published on the internet She-Wolf is the first in printed published format.

This book follows Meg Mackenzie a young rather naive girl. It follows what happens to her and her point of view, she is the only female member of the Wolfe race of vampires. She grows into a passionate person and being a form of Succubus her desires for love and blood come in many shapes and forms.


Meg's parents end up killed in a car crash, she is left to run the farm herself at a young age, she can't cope with all the animals and sells them, she has to take a job to pay the bills and ends up working in the village as a cleaner and barmaid. On her 18th birthday a small party is held for her where she meets a handsome stranger, she introduces herself to him finding out he's called Edward. After a few weeks she meets him on her way home where she invites him round for a cup of hot chocolate. She takes the chance and asks him to be her boyfriend, he accepts and she gets her first kiss but he tries to take it further. Meg has to tell him she has old fashioned views when it comes to extramarital sex, a little surprised by his reaction she thinks their relationship is over before it has begun but instead she gets a pleasant surprise as he is willing to wait.

Meg the only child is brought up on a large farm in the South area of the Highlands of Scotland. She seems to have an over active imagination believing in elves, what her parents don’t realise is that she is not imaging it, a psychologist is called in to try and determine if and how crazy she is but nothing is proved and she appears to be a ‘normal’ little girl. However there really is an ‘elf’ she nicknames Sparkles (I’d just like to point out that he does NOT sparkle and this story was written in 2000 long before that notorious sparkling vampire book written in 2003 published in 2005.), She finds out that her Sparkles is really called Alexander Wolfe and is not a friendly elf but a blood drinking Vampire.

They are happy and together nearly two years Meg is wondering if he will ever get round to proposing to her then on her 20th birthday she gets the surprise she wanted but not quite everything she was expecting.

Meg wakes from a terrible dream to discover Edward no longer looks the same as before, then her fears are realised when she is told that she too is now a Vampire. Meg spends a few nights being taught the basics of being a Vampire and gets to meet her elf again, this time she understands. She is taken to Edinburgh where Edward lives and is introduced to a few of the Vampires, meeting the ruling Vampire named The Prince she finds everyone a bit strange.

Being the progeny of Edward is a bit of an eye opener, she is mistreated in an attempt to keep her in line, she can't help but love him and eventually they get married, she finds out the night before that Alexander has feelings for her but she goes ahead with the wedding anyway.

On her wedding night Meg is convinced that Edward is sleeping with Eladria, she tries to ignore it then when it comes down to it, the first time they will be together intimately he has a very odd habit when he climaxes.

While on their honeymoon in Paris Edward is called into work, Meg gets a glimpse of what he does for a living and she gets to see the Lilitu that she has been told are so nasty.

Meg spends some time in Edinburgh living with Edward trying to learn the ways of her Vampire fore-fathers, she meets different characters along the way all odd in their own way, she is then told that she was suppose to be left to fend for herself when she was turned so she learnt the hard way to survive but instead she has become soft so she is left in the wilderness. Meg loses herself in a haunting place and performs perfectly, her lifestyle is interrupted when she meets The Prince out painting and kills her first werewolf.

Brought back to Edinburgh to re-adjust to society she settles back into her comfortable way of life but the loneliness brought about by Edward's long absences gets to her and she spends a night with John, a young Grendel she has become friends with. After some teasing from The Prince Edward eventually finds out what happened and wants a separation but because they are Creator and protégé they can not until she is no longer a Novus.

Things are not looking good between them until a party where Meg finds out that it is their 15th anniversary, before their marriage falls apart completely The Prince steps in to sort it out. Life gets back on track but Edward is planning something behind Meg's back and she is nervous about what it is. She finds out that he is planning on moving the pair of them to America, Alexander protests about the pair of them moving but Meg feels she has to go with her husband.

Having no idea whereabouts in America they are going Meg gets a surprise when they land in New York.

New York is an experience and a half, Edward acts a bit odd kind of like a kid let loose for the first time Meg finds it all very confusing, she is nearly caught being a vampire by the human limo driver so she decides to make him her pet Cruorin. Everything is a delight it seems to good to be true, it all comes crashing down hard and Meg ends up on the run trying to avoid everyone even the Gaea as a whole.

She struggles to survive on her own in New York tormented by enemies and annoyed by humans she thinks she comes up with a plan but the arrival of a baby called Eddie is too much for her to bear.

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