They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Unusual, Strange & Bizarre

A small section of the site to cover some questions asked about various things in She-Wolf and the rest of the I am Wolfe series.

The Haggis or Haggi

In the past people use to travel afar and bring back stuffed animals, some ruthless people made up new species by combining various animals parts from different species. The Haggis is a mythical Scottish creature and there is plenty of jokes and speculation that goes about that they have three legs one short and two long and run round hills anti-clockwise. Well a pair of stuffed animals were given to The Prince and he placed them in the study when he owned what is now Edward’s house, at the time they came with no name tag saying what they were and nobody really knew, it was suggested they may have been a pair of haggis. Everyone laughed but no better suggestion was offered so the name was put on the plaque and they were mounted on the mantelpiece with the name Haggis. As Meg finds out near the start of Book Two Alpha & Omega they are not Haggis, they are Capybara, small possibly young specimens of the South American rodent.

Sparkles the Elf

This is Alexander Wolfe, at no point in the story does he actually sparkle from his real skin, yes he twinkles with stars dust on occasions and even performs dressed as a Glam-Rocker covered in various colours of glitter but I say again he never has sparkling skin. Please remember this story was written in 2000, up until 2004 (and maybe beyond but I left the old site all together in October 2004) he was referred to as Sparkles the twinkling Vampire on the internet.

Munchie, Alexander’s pet Haggis

Meg believes Alexander has a twittering, squeaking pet Haggis, she is not entirely certain what it is and nor is Alexander but in Book Two Alpha & Omega he finally finds out, sort of… Munchie is a Peruvian Abyssinian mix Cavy. As Alexander tried to tell the petshop assistant he has had the pet for sixty years how can it be a guinea pig.

The Silver Pool

This is perhaps the oddest part of the story but it is explained bit by bit through the third book Angel Among Men. It makes no sense to Meg or any traditional science based person or Christian but to Tjolnir it makes perfect sense, it’s one of Yggdrasil’s saplings, the birth of a new galaxy. Loki has a manifestation that visits to escape his current fate, he plans to make a preemptive take over before any other god claims it but as it turns out a certain race of Vampire was able to transport in the moments of their soul being open.