They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Second in the series, the long awaited and much asked for sequel.

A long time in the making with help from various people from the creation to the finishing, started in 2000 as the first book ended the initial storyline of book two ended in 2002, 2002 saw the main start of the vampire TV series website, taking over from the previous vampire website, some of book two still incorporates those first ideas. Based on a game some of the adventures were incorporated. Once She-Wolf was published I picked up book two and started to remove characters and a few of the original scenes.

Alpha & Omega has two simultaneous storylines, it follows Meg as one then Alexander and The Prince as the other.


Meg in her moment of release sees her dead husband, believing him to be finally there she reverses her injuries and glad flung herself upon him, he has gone.

After being attacked and lost to bloodlust Meg has now begun her decent into creature they refer to as ‘The dark father’, she loses her job. Dominor Dante commands Meg to forget her husband and get on with her life, reluctantly she does, she has been grouped with two other vampires both bottom of the barrel although one seems to be more young and inexperienced than the other which Meg can only assume is an Alkonost.

Draven steps into Meg’s life, willing to offer her all that she wants but he is not feral enough, his airy fairy ways are bit soft for her but she loses touch with him as she and the gang are sent across America to follow a Vampire Hunter. They end up lost and in the wrong city.

An underground, a coalition between old allies that never seemed to part only find new ways to hide have created the near perfect modern day man. In their Alpha Experiment a boy was created giving them a bright future with plans to conquer the planet, The Wolfe was a thorn in their side yet as he was disposed the ‘other’ Wolfe took his place, sent on an seemingly endless mission to ‘destroy The Wolfe’ AE3450 found himself gripped by lust, love and obsession.

Alexander is on his own looking after the farm, boredom sets in even with him and the Prince both trying to keep their minds and bodies occupied the city is quiet without the passionate couple that is Meg & Edward. Neither The Prince nor Alexander have yet been informed of Edward’s death, as they try to make contact with him they are given the run around.

Meg is infuriated with the recklessness and childish behaviour of her fellow vampires one issue follows to the next as they end up captured by Vampire hunters and experimented on.

“Behind in an alley lay the emaciated remains of a young crèche of vampires, their species not worth noting, their turning such a short time ago that their human world barely had a chance to recognise their missing presence, his orders were clear, kill the Wolfe, kill all loyal to the Gaea.”

Meg doesn’t know it yet but she is important enough to merit continuous attempts on her life. Her charming, sensual almost feral manner has left a trail of love lorn men but will her naive grasp of the world be her undoing as she still fights the aftermath of ‘The Wolfe’

Alexander eventually tries to get on with his life, taking the long forgotten plunge into a proper human date, after an ill-fated impromptu driving lesson he nearly kills a human girl, he has to cover up everything he has done, meanwhile the Prince is having family troubles and is being forced to marry his niece.

Meg’s first encounter with AE3450 happens after they escape from their captors, he lets her go much to her surprise. Dominor Dante has had enough of their behaviour and sends the Crèche away for some good old-fashioned American reeducation. Everything is not as it seems, Nicole the American Altus has double crossed them and the compound attacked, the crèche escape and begin their long journey home. On the way back Meg meets AE3450 again while Morgan and Ray suffer a car accident a couple of hours after Ray confesses to eating Meg’s wedding ring.

After settling problems with the humans and trying to help the Prince with his family problems word reaches Scotland that Meg has left Edward and defected to the Lilitu. Alexander not able to cope with the news goes on a rampage in the city centre, he causes a lot of problems and has to fork out hefty sums of money as compensation and has to try and retrieve all video footage of him loosing control.

With the help of Matt Meg makes it back to New York, she informs Dominor Dante of the events that took place, Nicole had told the Dominor that she deserted and he believed his Altus but as evidence comes to light he believes Meg, they find out that Nicole has gone to Ireland to deal with Hunters and the Eugenics group in an underground hideout. Meg goes to Ireland to try and stop him. The clones are too much and over power Meg, she is saved and taken to the Irish Dominor’s House.

Alexander gets word that Meg will be in Ireland, he rushes to help her but is too late. Their first encounter in decades and his feelings have not changed however he finds out that she has changed, she tells him of Edward’s death. Alexander is distraught and doesn’t know what to do, Meg returns to New York, Dominor Dante will not let her return to Scotland.

Meg returns to New York to find Matt stopping her from going to her apartment, her apartment explodes all she has is Edward’s violin. Getting a new house with room for Eddie, Chris and Matt they all live together. Though America is under some unrest things are rocked as Alexander and The Prince come to visit.

The Prince does not declare his true purpose for visiting but Alexander tries to help Meg with her new house, they try to find out more about Matt, Meg kidnaps a boy that is Matt’s son and they rescue his mother from a facility, she gives birth to baby girl and Meg acts as midwife. The family is growing now with six Alexander meets up with the Prince again and his newly acquired human leaves.

While Alexander was in New York the Prince strikes a deal and brings a dead friend back from limbo. As they meet Alexander the friend has a heart attack, the fear that he will be lost again but after insistent he is brought back, believed to have brain damage Alexander is forced to be his carer.

After Meg kills Matt’s mum the family are as happy as they can be, Meg and Matt together, Chris as her pet Cruorin and the three children Jamie, Eddie and Lexi. Life is so happy that Matt ends up proposing to Meg and they begin to plan a future together.

The Prince receives a letter from Meg telling him of her engagement, Alexander having taken Edward too a hypnotherapist discovers it is only a block and not brain damage, Edward accidentally reads the letter and snaps out of his condition. The Prince jokes that the letter was a plant but Edward trying to buy a new car suffers his heart condition and his now overweight form struggles, he drives off around Scotland trying to clear his head, Alexander joins him.

Returning home Edward tells them some long awaited information, the whereabouts of Tjolnir and Eric. Immediately the Prince and Alexander head to an Amish community where Tjolnir and Eric have been in hibernation for nearly two hundred years. As they are released all hell breaks loose, the Magi and Eugenics make their move taking full advantage of the confusion created by the Nine Eleven disaster.

Meg wakes to find what has happened during the day, she tries to help only to find out that the children had been captured and she can’t find Matt, she fights in a mighty battle as the Lilitu have been aided by the Magi and the Eugenics group they plan to take America and destroy the Gaea.

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