They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Thought to be spawned from Fenrir or Fenris the wolf a small race originated in Iceland with almost every member of this race having Wolfe as their second name it is now called the Wolfe vampire. As they age they change from human to wolf as a sign that they are becoming more and more like Fenris. Werewolves hate the Fenrir vampires seeing them as the evil counter part which must be destroyed.

If you’ve taken the time to read the I am Wolfe book you will already know a great deal about the story behind this Vampire race’s creation and will know all about the She-Wolf, those extreme few that have read more than the first book should know a lot more about them as the entire series follows the Wolfe family. They are a young race, by world evolution standards, with the founder still being alive and active with the other members. They behave like a mild Incubus and a wolf or pack of wolves. They like to keep company with one another unlike the Succubus and Incubus who prefer only themselves and their current lover. As we find out Psyche is the original mother and creator of Tjolnir, the telepathic link between creator and progeny has been passed down from her. Each member of this race is near identical to one another, they all get mistaken for brothers and sisters. When their closer acquaintance is made the differences are obvious, they usually remain in a human form when in public but at home they take on their true appearance. Years in existence and the amount of times lost to bloodlust they change to resemble their Dark Father Fenris.

Like a wolf pack they are fiercely loyal to one another despite the little bickering that goes on, usually the bickering is over the Alpha role and the She-Wolf.

Not only is this race near identical to one another they are actually a distant descendant of Fenris the Wolf, the one believed to bring about Ragnarok. They are generations apart descended from one another through their human line, the human blood with the trace of Norse god coupled with the awakening of the Vampire side from the Greek goddess Psyche gives them a source of power to tap into, they are powerful Vampires able to shape-change, with the exception of their human form they are secondly most comfortable in their wolf form.

Werewolves view Fenris as an evil demon much like Christians view Satan, there is a werewolf tale that speaks of a vampire race like abominations, the Children of Fenris, they try to destroy them believing if they don’t these abominations will set the Dark Father free to swallow the sun and destroy the planet.

They can be killed though it is difficult as they are relentless their speed and power make them formidable, most Vampires lose a fight with a werewolf but these guys tackle packs and walk away. They can be bled dry, incinerated, blown up and beheaded but staking only paralyses and cutting off the rest of the body parts just annoys them.

Creating another, they must take the human to death as the soul leaves the body it is swallowed by the creator then given back, the two souls mingle for a brief dance and as the Vampiric blood of the creator fills the human the new whelp is born. The creation process is very risky and the human may not survive if the soul and blood remains out their system too long. The book tells of blood coloured diamonds crystallising in the body after a moment of wonderment it is sheer agony as the body becomes Vampire. They do not speak of their turning and barely mention it to one another.

Their homeland is Scotland, though at some point more were to be found in North America than their native Dominions. They like to wander then return, they like to experience life elsewhere to help gain some worldly insights grow in power then return to their territory and settle. Very much like a young wolf, leaving to become a lone-wolf previously they were all males so returning was just to ‘mark territory’, now with the She-Wolf the loose group is a tight knit pack, no matter how the well the males accept you she has to be the one like you.

Fenrir in She-Wolf:

Meg is one, so is Edward and Alexander, Tjolnir and Eric are mentioned by name in She-Wolf but appear in the other books.

Total in Scotland: Six true Fenrir Vampires

Total Worldwide: Six true Fenrir Vampires but their is the offspring that have inherited powers.