They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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A rare Germanic race they appear to suffer a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, they require everything to be neat and tidy, everything must match or be equal, they count spilt/dropped objects whether its sand or rocks, seeds or trees they have an over whelming need to count. They also have the compulsion to untie knots, some Vanir also have the compulsion to press buttons but that seems to be an individual trait rather than a race trait. Vanir are also the vampires that require sleep in their native soil, they must have enough soil to lie down in completely. Because of all these OCD's and their inability to sleep in random places the Vanir have been easily hunted by the Vampire Hunters and very few remain in the world. Vanir vampires are not to be confused with the Vanir Norse gods.

These are the Vampires people think of when someone mentions untying knots and counting spilt objects, if a human had all their Obsessive Compulsive Disorders they would be put away by friends and family. To some it is a source of great amusement and to others a great nuisance, their lives are so restricted by their OCD’s that they cannot move easily, once they are settled somewhere they have to stay there the sheer effort involved in a move exhausts them mentally. Once they have chosen a place to live they mark out routes that cause them the least amount of anguish ie to the Dominor’s house, to their feeding grounds. It is a compulsion it will not kill them if they don’t do it but in their minds either it will or something terrible will happen.

Sleeping in dirt from their place of creation is a necessity, if they do not they will grow weak and die. The amount is not a handful carried in a pouch as so often portrayed in other Vampire books and television programs, they must be able to cover their bodies and sleep in it.

There is an excerpt below that gives an idea on how their compulsions effect them either by other taking advantage or on their decorating style.

Excerpt from I am Wolfe Book Three Angel Among Men:

The cold damp room of a Vanir vampire, the musty smell of old earth having been slept in for years and never aired, a glance around the room would suggest that a very neat or obsessive person resides within the walls hanging pictures level straight candles even in number set in equal opposites slippers sitting perfect by the bed a feng shui master could rest easy in the room, Edward in a naughty urge moved a candle stick three millimetres out of place.

“Mr Wilder you are a special kind of weird.” Edward said to the box bed, quietly opening the doors to the bed he revealed the sleeping vampire buried up to his shoulders, Edward set a glass on the earth taking a plastic bag containing sand filled the glass until full, he then brought out his knife as a back-up he gently woke the vampire, before Hans had time to react Edward tapped his knife on the glass making the vampire look.

Edward smiled “How long do you think it would take you to count every last grain?”

“You bastard!” Hans exclaimed.

“Now that I have your attention, I didn’t want to do this forcefully but well the pair of us have never seen eye to eye. Yet again I need help.” Edward lifted the glass off the earth so the vampire could move a little.

….......... Small section removed………….

Hans threw his hands up “Okay I’ll do it, now the information I want in exchange, is our delightful smooth talking Dominor really the Prince of Darkness? And I don’t want you to skimp of details!” He glanced at his candles and moved the one Edward touched back into place.

Edward smiled “I’ll tell you after the operation.”

The older a Vanir gets the more obsessive they seem to become and the stronger those compulsions have to be followed. It is a mistaken belief that they cannot enter a room without being invited what Edward observed and they were quite annoyed that it got put in the Encyclopaedia was that they can enter it’s the mess of the house or room on the other side that keeps them out, not physically it’s a psychological issue preventing them, given a hard enough push they had be forced to enter but will frantically go about trying to correct everything and put it in the ‘right’ place, and each Vanir has their own opinion of what the ‘right’ place is.

They can be killed in all the normal manners as well as preventing them from sleeping in their dirt. Their dirt is from the ground where they were Turned, their Turning involves being buried. A creator chooses the prospective progeny then kills them by drain their blood, then they are buried in the ground and the creator soaks the area in their own blood. The progeny will raise up to a week later but will be forced to take that soil with them where every they go.

Vanir in She-Wolf:

Hans is mentioned and at parties but Meg is never truly introduced.

Vanir in Scotland: One.

Vanir Worldwide: Fifty three on the last count.