They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Alexander Wolfe

Full name and title: Lord Alexander Thomas Wolfe

Date of Birth: 1434

Place of Birth: Wolfe Farm

Where grew up: Wolfe Farm

Schooling: Schooled by a monk in manner befitting a Lord.

Mother: ‘mother’

Father: Lord Uisdean Wolfe

Date Married: July 1451

How many children: Thomas as a human, then he is one of Azriel’s fathers and then he had another son called Thomas where Meg was the biological mother.

Date of Turning: April 1456

Creator: Eric Wolfe

Progeny: Edward Wolfe

Pet: Munchy, a Guinea Pig/Cavy NOT a haggis ;o)


Tall, 6’6” was his human height, but since his turning he has grown a few inches making nearly seven foot. His hair is very long and straight down to his waist. His eyes were steel grey but now they are large and black. As a human he had mutton chops but now they have changed from facial hair to wolf fur, he has pointed teeth, large clawed hands, a fringe of hair that runs down half his fore-arms and the backs of his legs below the calf. He has a tail which he tries to hide. Using powers he makes himself look like what he did as a human just before he was Turned. He has a gangly and disproportionate look always dressed like he’s lost in the past or like a new-age hippie, he struggles to get clothes to fit him.

Personality & Attitude:

As the only son he was given the best education of the time, he inherited the farm and the large estate, although he had to work the farm along with others he never wanted for anything except maybe a loyal wife. He acts a bit spoilt and childish at times, he is a Christian but believes in other supernatural creatures, he also spends a lot of his time stoned, with not very much to do he spends his time in a drugged stooper. He is however brave and willing to tackle anything to help a family member, his sense of right and wrong has warped slightly over the years he has an inability to harm or feed any innocent, the truly innocent. He searches for an understanding but it is always out of his reach, his immature nature gives him a playful side but it also hinders him from searching for the answers.

Skills & Abilities:

A very clever man, or boy which ever you view him as, he was rigorously schooled in several languages, French, English and most important for the time Latin, then was taught fighting and battles skills so when he was Turned he was already a capable person but his skills grew from then, he had a knack for planning battles and strategies, he quickly learned to shape change and walk in the sun but for all his Vampire powers modern technology baffles him, he’s like a confused dog tilting his head back and forth trying to figure out how it works. He owns a lava lamp and an old television but that’s about as modern as he gets and even those seem to be powered by the universe and not plugged into anything.

Alexander and the opposite sex:

It may be surprising to know but Alexander was a pimp, he dealt in drugs and prostitutes, their protection payment was blood and he made money through drug sales. It worked he became rich on it, he offered Edward a cut of the action but Edward was too busy killing things. Alexander has a young charm about him that makes him attractive to women, older women see him as a toy-boy and younger women love his height and flexibility. He no longer deals in working-girls or selling drugs. He loves Meg to the point of obsession at some point it changed from a normal ‘I love her, she’s my soul mate’ to a creepy ‘she’s mine and I’ll have her one way or the other.’

Alexander and the same gender:

He seems to be loyal and friendly, he doesn’t try to do anything to anyone and he gets on well with everyone. He does play little jokes or mocks some people if he thinks they need it to help keep them in their place but other than that he views everyone the same, a human is a human and a Vampire a Vampire.

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