They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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From Mexico they are always women who are white with white hair, they wear flowing white robes, they lure their victims in by pretending to be helpful priestesses, they comfort weary travellers and offer them food, water and shelter, almost no one makes it out alive.

Full description:

Civatateo have always been a hard race to deal with, they keep to themselves and try not to get involved but with increasing pressure that another race will be their Dominor of Mexico they reluctantly chose a head priestess as their Dominor and she attends the Councilium.

Civatateo are always women, they are inviting and alluring, their skin is white and they have long silky white hair, they always wear flimsy white robes that billow in the slightest breeze. Their skin is not the colour of a Caucasian but the colour of a Aztec turned ghostly white.

They wait by crossroads preying on weary travellers, their seemingly divine white colour gives false hope as people, usually men, follow them to their doom, they suck the souls from their victims body leaving them empty shells that shrivel up and die like an insect casing.

They live in havens looking like a primitive temple or ancient monastery they sleep in groups during the day hiding from the sunlight, they feed on their victims in this haven so if the soul escapes it will not be able to escape the temple, they cast the used body away usually down a river so it is carried away from their haven.

In the Encyclopaedia of the Forgotten Edward states that they are difficult to kill, exposing them to sunlight works best but if you can trap one and prevent it from escaping they can be burnt.

They can change into mist and float away from just about anything. They can in rare circumstances possess creatures but the creatures they have possessed no longer look normal, they take on a ghastly unearthly appearance.

New Civatateo are created from Aztec or Aztec mix women they find who harbour a heart like their own, they take them in and perform a ceremony that separates them from their living body their spirit form then has to feed on souls to remain in existence.

Sub-species - The true Civatateo are pure Aztec descendant women but some have been found on the wider reaches to be mixed Aztec and mixed Mayan or Inca, they all seem to be of Native tribes never old-world interlopers. There is even reports of a Maori haven.

Civatateo in She-Wolf:

None of note though there would have been one at the Councilium but she never speaks and Meg never notices her.

Total in Scotland: None

Total Worldwide: Approximately two thousand in wider Mexico extending just beyond the Countries boundaries. A few have been seen in the New Guinea/Sri Lanka isles and New Zealand.