They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Brief Description: Similar to a Siren but these can be either male or female, their song drives people mad and makes it easy for them to prey on their victims so they can drink the blood. They often live near the coast and throw the used bodies in the ocean this is how they get mixed up with Sirens.

Full description:

Alkonost are never organised enough to recant their history or lineage their stories never seem to include how they came to be. Ninety percent of Alkonost are male, the old fashioned shore living hermit or the mad man in the cave, telling their stories and singing their shanties to all who wander near and dare to rest and listen. They enthral and confuse at the same time giving them a chance to feed, they have been reported to keep a victim in a daze for up to a year feeding at leisure. Lost hikers have been lulled into a sleep by their song falling into hidden caves and potholes. In modern times they have ventured further preferring groups where they can find a weak willed individual that they can talk them almost into a trance, their random almost crazy ramblings cause normal people to avoid them those susceptible to being led astray are drawn to these seemingly deep insightful verbal musings only to find their slow death at the other side. All Alkonost play with their victims some as simple as raiding the pockets and fiddling with the items they find claiming them as treasures but the older and more disturbed they become the more they desecrate their victims, older Alkonost have been seen wearing clothes made from human skin. Those Alkonost that live by the shore throw the bodies in the sea, this is often why they are confused with Sirens.

Alkonost and Sirens, they seem to have a history together, where there is one there is often another, it was originally believed that the Siren drew a man in with her singing the Alkonost killed him, once the Alkonost finished feeding he would throw the body in the water for the Siren so she could feed. This however is not entirely true, this cooperation has been noted but it is not standard practice, they feed independently of each other and the coincidence that they are found together is purely because those areas have a good supply of wandering or sole-searching humans that walk on their own with their emotions clouding their judgment. When the two races have been in cooperation it usually means they are having a physical relationship.

Although the Alkonost never speak of how they came to be and speaking to one directly can be very trying, Edward noted after witnessing a turning that a victim they have some sort of empathy with is left weak and feeble with their mind no longer coherent, the victim is then fed piece by piece their creators body, if it works the victim awakes hungry and confused, the victim showed signs of split personality until the stronger personality won at which point the creator moved away leaving the victim believing the creator was actually the weaker personality and never truly existed.

Finding an old Alkonost is unusual, about a centaury ago they would have been easy to find but the advance of civilisation and parenting methods changing from an errant wandering child getting a clip across the ear for going to close to the rocks or in a cave they weren’t allowed in to squealing parents that their child was scared by a man sending police in to deal with the man. A lot of Alkonost have been killed in this manner, dragged from the security of their dark cave into the sun where they go mental and burst into flames. This onset of change could be why younger turnings have taken to cities they are less likely to be dragged into the sunlight because a child saw them.

Alkonost show no interest in feeding on a child, they will feed on animals but again it is usually lost livestock or dogs and only when they are really hungry. With the Veil treaty of the Middle ages Alkonost had to stop killing their victims and let them live, this has coincided with an increase in psychiatric asylum patients.

Distribution, the Alkonost can be found in almost every country the greater the fishing community the greater the number of Alkonost, Edward noted that in Great Britain Cornwall had the greatest number of Alkonost, believing that the number of small fishing villages and the landscaped helped keep their numbers plenty.

Alkonost in She-Wolf:

One appears at Meg & Edward’s wedding

Daniel - Altus in Edinburgh sent to keep Meg company

(Possible Alkonost) Ray Burke - Crèche member.

Total number in Scotland: Four

Total number in the world: Unknown