They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Vampire is a generic term for anything that drinks blood or sucks souls to remain in existence. There is no fixed way they create new Vampires and every race is different, some are not even immortal. Vampire is the classification for these blood or soul sucking supernatural creatures if only to make life easier for the poor sucker that has the job of controlling their fiendish behaviour.

In the ‘olden days’ a Dominion was an area that belonged to one race and that race had a leader usually the first or oldest Vampire called the Dominor. Often outside vampires not of the same race would be killed for entering another Dominion, wars were fought to control areas but the humans were proving to be an even bigger problem, as they advanced in technology, and religion, they sought to eradicate vampires and anything supernatural. Now-a-days with Vampires having to ‘enlighten’ themselves a Dominion can contain more than one race and the Dominor is now made to keep his or her minions under control.

Similar to a Siren but these can be either male or female, their song drives people mad and makes it easy for them to prey on their victims so they can drink the blood. They often live near the coast and throw the used bodies in the ocean this is how they get mixed up with Sirens.


Found on the North coast of South America usually female they dress in animal skins and prey on people while they sleep or anyone who is walking alone at night. It is found that a broom nailed to the front door will prevent them entering and in order to kill them you must destroy the animal skin they wear. Some people have stolen the skin and used it to control the vampire but this almost always ends in trouble.


A modern creation, a trend for teenagers to be like vampires in movies has led to a wave of vampires that give themselves no race except refer to themselves as Vampire. Started in America they have been given the nickname Movie or American Vampire, they have nothing distinctive except they usually look like Goths. They hate crosses, garlic and holy water but no one has given them the time of night to see if it's real or pretend.


Famous for being the goat sucker. The true Chupacabra are a hairless dog race some have been seen with manes that flow down their backs, they live in northern South America, they also have a somewhat monkey appearance, they are supernatural but they are not immortal, they feed solely on blood. Since the destruction of their homes in the rainforest they have been forced to move into closer contact with humans, their prey which was small jungle antelopes has changed to goats and cattle. They can be shot, poisoned, run over etc etc all these things will kill them.




From Mexico they are always women who are white with white hair, they wear flowing white robes, they lure their victims in by pretending to be helpful priestesses, they comfort weary travellers and offer them food, water and shelter, almost no one makes it out alive.

A very nasty race of vampires thought to be sent by the devil living in deep caverns around Scotland, they like to torture their prey and bleed them to death then as a game they pull apart the body and play with remains. It is a compulsion they have tried to keep under control when the race in Britain was nearly wiped out. Some travelled to escape the angry mobs but all over Europe and even in the young America it was the same.

From Greece they are usually female, people say they often have one leg of a donkey but they have been seen as either human or mule. They prey on travellers who are wandering alone on the little travelled roads around Greece. Due to the belief they rob graves and kill sheep they have been nearly hunted to extinction a few remain in the very remotest parts of Greece. Some remaining Empusa Vampires have taken to modern life well and live in tourist hot-spots these ones usually appear male and like to prey on wealthy middle-aged women on the look out for some quick holiday romance.


Thought to be spawned from Fenris the wolf a small race originated in Iceland with almost every member of this race having Wolfe as their second name it is now called the Wolfe vampire. As they age they change from human to wolf as sign that they are becoming more and more like Fenris. Werewolves hate the Fenrir vampires seeing them as the evil counter part which must be destroyed.


Although famous for the mysterious beast who killed lots of people the area lends its name to a race of vampires. Gevaudin keep to themselves and do not harm humans but they do take cattle, this has led to their demise. Vampire Hunters have been hired to keep the area free from any supernatural creatures.


Thought to be spawned from the monster Beowulf killed there is no evidence to say they are, speak to any Grendel and they will say they have never met or know of anyone that has ever met Beowulf's famous Grendel. If they are indeed from this famous monster then all connections to him have been lost but the one thing they do have in common is the hideous looks. They are a fairly common race of vampire, they are found in almost every area.


A French vampire found in no particular region they like to spend their time as snakes or as bulls. They bite peoples ankles as they pass and instead of pumping poison they suck blood. The also like to pretend to be bulls or cows, they wander in with a herd and when they are hungry they will gouge out another member of the herd then lick up the blood. Every effort has been made by humans to eradicate this race in the past and even now Vampire Hunters have problems.


A Chinese fox spirit, they trick people to their death then eat their soul. Often believed to be like the Succubus & Incubus they get most of their power from devouring the soul while the human is full of sexual energy, they are foxes that can turn into beautiful young people. Found almost solely in China, western religion has hindered their movement across the continent. Several were captured in the time of the great explorers and adventurers but none were ever safely returned.


They feast on the souls of sailors lost at sea, almost always women they never come on land unless something major has happened. Their voices can deafen and send people mad but when it comes down to it all they are looking for is their lost love. Once a Siren's lost love is found she can be laid to rest and bother sailors no more.


The first Lamia Vampire was believed to be Lamiae a creature half-human half-serpent made that way by Hera for being Zeus's mistress. Now the Lamia are found throughout Greece and down through Egypt and into Africa, they appear as normal human and can be either male or female. Lamia usually prey on children or youths, their serpentine features become more apparent as they age, a very old Lamia will have no legs but instead a snakes tail. Lamia of that age are very rare as superstition has caused humans to wipe them out.


A new form of vampire very similar to the American or Movie vampire except this race is found in Europe, they are well dressed and act posh, they like to keep their appearances immaculate, a few now look like Goths and are starting to act like typical movie type vampires, they are becoming a high risk and so far a few have lost their lives because of it.


Once upon a time an evil spirit wandered the wastes of Spain looking for a host. The only people it could find was Gypsy travellers, being a superstitious lot the evil spirit was unable to enter a living body so it took over a dead body, to remain animated the evil spirit had to feed on fresh human blood. This is the earliest story of the Mullo Vampire, the Mullo now are much like the modern Empusa, they love to entice tourists for a holiday fling, their gypsy charms and warm-blooded nature never fails. The one thing that Mullo are noted for is they never kill, they must consume living blood so it is in their best interests to keep people alive.


These are about the most common vampire around. Succubus is the female and Incubus is the male, they live for sex and anything sensual they do almost anything to arouse themselves. A true old fashioned Succubus or Incubus will feed solely on the sexual fluid produced when a human orgasms. In the middle ages the Incubi started to change and feed on menstrual blood and in modern times they feed on blood drawn anywhere from the body but it has to be while having sex. Succubae have changed as well they too draw blood anywhere from the body but it has to be during sexual intercourse.

Succubus & Incubus

Once thought to be fallen angels they deny all knowledge of heaven, angels or the Dark Lord who supposedly corrupted them. Slaugh are usually reclusive and like to keep to themselves or a small minority of their own progeny.


From Russia but believed to have migrated from Turkey, they scavenge like foxes feeding on dead bodies lying around they are fairly common in their home 'Mother-Russia' but they are not so common elsewhere. They have no specifics they look much like an unkempt person who has very bad breath and if they are in towns and cities they could be mistaken for a homeless person. They often have a stray dog for a companion, the dog helps find 'food'.


A rare Germanic race they appear to suffer a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, they require everything to be neat and tidy, everything must match or be equal, they count spilt/dropped objects whether its sand or rocks, seeds or trees they have an over whelming need to count. They also have the compulsion to untie knots, some Vanir also have the compulsion to press buttons but that seems to be an individual trait rather than a race trait. Vanir are also the vampires that require sleep in their native soil, they must have enough soil to lie down in completely. Because of all these OCD's and their inability to sleep in random places the Vanir have been easily hunted by the Vampire Hunters and very few remain in the world. Vanir vampires are not to be confused with the Vanir Norse gods.


Vampire Species

Found below is a list of the different species and races of Vampire, not an entirely complete list as Alexander mentions in Book One She-Wolf a couple that are not there but it’s enough to give a good idea of what’s out there. There is a brief description under each name but click on the name to find out more about each one.

The Gaea, wished to return to the way life use to be when all were privy to the world and universe in its entirety and the Ardat-Lili those who believed that with the pagan gods out the way they were free to be rulers of the earth, they believed that the humans could be fed upon and discarded indiscriminately.

From those early meetings a council was agreed and named the Councilium, all Dominors met once a year with the Dominion changing each year so not to favour one over the other.

From the early beginnings of the two sects they fought with one another, Gaea thought the Ardat-Lili confrontational, arrogant and self-destructive where as the Ardat-Lili thought the Gaea were weak minded softies that should be eating carrots with their pet humans.

As the human threat became stronger and vampire numbers began to dwindle a truce was formed, a very binding set of rules were drawn up to try and save each of their species. It focused on not killing each other and not killing humans, punishment was forced hibernation and repeat offenders were tortured to make them understand the pain that they cause, it was a very basic form of punishment but when dealing with species that can break free or change into a bat and fly between bars there is not much else they can do.

As Ragnarok or Armageddon approaches it is obvious the world is doomed the Gaea are failing and the Lilitu are large in numbers they make their move overthrowing the kinder way of Vampire life.


The name given to the process in which a human or humanoid is created a vampire, it also refers to the stage in which a non-immortal vampire reaches maturity usually when their supernatural abilities are all awakened.

Originally before the sects and the Veil only the Dominor could Turn, this kept species true and usually meant loyalty from their minions rather like a family, as a newly turned whelp vampire or Novus was welcomed into the world they sought guidance and craved the security of knowing they were being looked after by the most powerful vampire but as they aged in years and power becoming Levis they tried their luck, those who progressed well went on to be Iuvenis those who stepped out of line and pushed their luck too far were either killed or driven away.

As the sects were formed and Dominions marked on maps and the Veil drafted letting vampires travel from one Dominion to another they had to start allowing a more lenient approach to those who can Turn but there was rules, strict rules regarding those who can and cannot be turned. Ultimately it was up to the Dominor but he or she had to be compassionate and give permission to the rarer species.

Since World War Two the number of vampires has reached a high, the loop hole in travelling from one Dominion to another has been used and abused, the now tedious task of reporting in with the Dominor as soon as you arrive and just as you’re leaving is an attempt to keep track of these Turnings, forbidden or unknown Turnings have been happening now as Ragnarok approaches vampire numbers are at bursting point but the leniency on the rare species is not to blame it is the strict control of popular species and the modern belief that they feel they should all be entitled to a whelp of their own or they all want to Turn their ‘true love’ that is mainly to blame, that and the fact that the Lilitu were planning to battle the Gaea and win the war on sheer numbers alone.

The Turning process is a very personal one and can be one of the most intimate moments in a vampires life, for most it requires the creator giving a piece of themselves to their progeny, some require ceremonies and some require vulnerable conception and incubation periods. For all it is a moment in their life that needs serious consideration but this is overlooked as the modern creation of the American Vampire and the Nosferatu think they are entitled to Turn anyone they take a fancy too weather its a current ‘love’ or a ‘best friend’. Near the end the Lilitu encouraged this so they could persuade them that the world should be like this and destroy all those who believe they never had any right to Turn.


A quick list of words and/or terms used that may puzzle people.

Abomination - A supernatural non-human creature that has been Turned.

Altus - The older more powerful vampires, usually five hundred plus years old.

Ardat-Lili/Lilitu - The sect that believe humans are food and they should rule the world.

Bloodlust - An uncontrollable rage that is either brought on by lack of blood or anger.

Councilium - The annual meeting of Dominors.

Creator - The vampire that Turns another, the father/mother.

Cruorem - A vampire bound by blood to another vampire.

Cruorin/Pet - A human or animal bound by blood to a vampire master.

Cruoris  - The process of making a Cruorin or Cruorem.

Dominion - An area ruled by a Dominor, commonly now the similar size to a country.

Dominor - Ruling vampire, either the oldest or the strongest.

Gaea - The sect that believes in creating a world where all are open.

Iuvenis - A vampire with a bit of age or a bit of power, usually over a hundred years old.

Levis - A vampire with a little age or a little power.

Minion - A vampire that lives in a Dominion ruled by a Dominor.

Novus - Young vampire just out of their Creators control.

Progeny - The one whom is Turned, the child/offspring.

Turning - The process of making a vampire.

Veil - The shroud that hides the supernatural from humans.

Whelp - Fresh, newly Turned vampire.

The Sects

Many hundreds of years ago Vampires never belonged to any group, they simply were, each Dominion was ruled by its oldest or most powerful and they had different ways of keeping things in order. As humans grew powerful in knowledge and less reliant on the natural order of things a small group of Vampires formed calling themselves Gaea, they wished for things to return to the simpler way of life, back when the planet was a kind of Eden. As the Christian faith spread destroying all that did not serve god and were labelled demons and as the first Veil was drafted the Gaea having grown in numbers announced that they would like to see the humans welcomed back so everyone can be as one. The human’s hatred for all that is different and what could not be controlled by them cause a Vampire retaliation group, they called themselves the Ardat-Lili after the first woman to be cast aside by the Christian god.

The ones that kill

When the strict ruling came about that vampires were not to kill one another it created a problem. The problem was that some minions and some rogue supernatural creatures were hell bent on not cooperating, a group were selected that showed the skills and mental toughness to cope, they were to make themselves available to deal with any issues that may arise from vampires unwilling to fit in and behave. Eight individuals were originally chosen and granted permission to kill when the need arose but they had to have work orders and write an account of everything they did. Some of the original eight had to be replaced from time to time as they bit off more than they could chew, eventually only one remained of the original eight and agreed at the Councilium that each Dominion should have their own but it was written down who was the keeper of this permission, most Dominions had the Dominor down as the Judge Jury and Executioner but that original individual kept his status though offering his skills to a world-wide audience and the Dominor of his Dominion took the title of JJ&E.

Modern tasks of the Dominor

As tensions grow they are there to control their minions, bickering is common place as different species are brought close together. A good portion of their time is spent denying Turnings, and the rest of their time is spent collecting data, they have to catalogue all travel activity, arrivals and departures from their Dominion, Turnings, deaths, illnesses, humans supernatural awareness. Each year these statistics are collated and presented at the Councilium. Modern communication has allowed greater contact between Dominors, they now telephone or even text each other asking prior permission for travel or a heads-up of who is coming. This has helped cut the number of inter-Dominion travel Turnings but some Dominors are still lost in their old ways that these countries are exploited. Some young minions believe that the job must be brilliant being the head ruling vampire able to Turn who they want and do whatever they want but in reality being a modern Dominor is a tedious job with all the paperwork involved they get little free time to enjoy their un-life.

Meg opened the doors and walked in, the strange smell of cannabis could be smelt in the lounge, the two men looked at her “Lass you’re awake.” Eric seemed please to see her, Alexander standing shaking as if he’s cold couldn’t focus and had to sit down.

Meg went over and sat beside Alexander, she realised the smell was coming from him “Are you stoned?” She asked, Alexander ruffled her hair “Meg, weg, peg when you gonna leave big Eddie and come get with a real man.” He ran his hand down her face nearly scratching her with his claws. Meg didn’t like the way he was talking, acting or smelling she got up and stood beside Eric  “I take it the Dominor has already left for the Councilium.” Meg asked him, “Aye lass they left this morning, they should be there by now.”

“What will Scotland’s vampires do without the Dominor?” Meg asked him.

Alexander burst out laughing when he heard her asking, Meg looked at them both “What? What’s so funny?”

Alexander tried to get up while attempting to answer her “He’s only gone and left that simpleton in charge.”

Meg looked at Eric “You’re in charge?”

Eric gave her a big silly grin “Aye lass I’m the stand-in Dominor for now.

- Excerpt from Book Three Angel Among Men

Edward drove to the Dominor’s house, as he walked in he was greeted with a kiss from Eladria, he obliged and returned the gesture before walking into the office, the Prince as always was busy writing, he seemed to be writing a never ending pile of permission slips for his resident minions to travel. “Alexander is insisting I go back to the farm, apparently there is another that has arrived that might be the next member of our Wolfe family.”

“And?” The Prince gave him a casual glance.

Edward made a sort of huffing snort “I can’t look after a whelp vampire as if it isn’t bad enough I have that gormless fools thoughts that I have to keep blocking from my mind what would I do with an ignorant little shit of a bloke either too cocky or too scared I’d have his uncontrolled thoughts to try and block out.”

“Now, now, once upon a time you too were a whelp.” The Prince put down his fountain pen and smiled at the vampire.

- Excerpt from Short Story Thursday

The Prince brushed aside some hair his perfectly smooth and pale complexion only enhanced by his glossy black hair “Fine maybe not the French Dominor but you know what I mean, you were at the last Councilium a lot of the older generation have been removed from their place and younger Bela Lugosi stereotypes have stepped up, species are being watered down or exterminated and cultural identity lost, the Lilitu are spreading across the world like a cancer, we need someone to remove these unwanted pests.”

Edward rubbed his forehead and sighed, he’d spent the best part of two hundred years making sure the Lilitu never succeeded in bringing forth the demon minions from the underworld, in his twenty three year absence everything seems to have fallen apart. “Let me think about it.”

- Excerpt Book Three Angel Among Men

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