They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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The Prince

Full name: He has gone by many names over the years but his preferred name is Eros or The Prince.

Date of Birth: Before records began.

Place of Birth: Chaos

Where grew up: Difficult as he is still technically a teenager.

Schooling: Greek teachings

Mother: Chaos, later adopted by Aphrodite.

Father: Chaos

Date Married: Married Psyche in the Ancient Greece calendar, married Elizabeth at the end.

How many children: five with Psyche, Azriel with Meg and an unborn child yet to be given a name.

Date of Turning: Never really ‘Turned’ was cursed with Vampirism.


Skin like a porcelain doll, glossy hair black as night with ice blue eyes, he puts across the appearance of being mid to late twenties slim with just enough muscle definition to be considered perfect by almost everyone except extremists. However that is not what he really looks like, The Prince is the Greek God Eros or better know as the Roman God Cupid, some may know him as the Norse God Astrild, he looks like a teenager, a boy of about maybe fifteen or sixteen, he has large white wings, shaggy soft black hair and purple eyes, his true self radiates a beauty that none can withstand.

Personality & Attitude:

Always smartly dressed he portrays himself as a lover of all things decadent, really he is just a lover, he has a passion for certain things like the arts, music and a fine figure male or female. He is not choosey, to him it doesn’t matter humans are a different species all the others of his race hit upon a tragedy that he still feels today, although he was first and was intended to rule them a new young arrogant God offered them ascension, they took it but the women were made barren and their wings cut off, the men were made eunuchs and enslaved. They are called angels or cherubs now, it angers The Prince to know that his race is gone and he is the only one. He is called The Prince because he is or was the Prince from the old Greek fairytale Psyche & The Charming Prince, his wife was indeed Psyche and after marrying her and angering Aphrodite beyond reason they were both cursed with Vampirism, Psyche’s beauty grew and he caught her cheating on him, betrayed he fled Greece and headed West, he stopped in Italy where he got the name Cupid, Psyche tried to track him down so he fled again and ended up in Denmark where he got the name Astrild, finally he came to rest in Ancient Scotland, he has remained in Scotland ever since, refusing to leave so he never bumps into his wife. His wife Psyche is Tjolnir’s biological mother so when he looks at Tjolnir he sees his wife looking back. Valentines Day annoys him slightly, it keeps him in existence as people believe in Cupid and his power to make them fall in love but why must he always be portrayed as a blonde baby in a nappy it gets to him, even worse now that there is a trend for making a mockery of Cupid calling him an angry dwarf with wings or a grown angry man walking around in a nappy.

Skills & Abilities:

He is an archer, a skilled painter and musician, he taught Edward how to shoot which is where Edward gets his incredible aim from, who better to teach you than Cupid! The myths are true he is the one god that has the power to make people fall truly in love. He is the God of love and lust but he lost the love title to Aphrodite who forced her way in commanding him to teach her how he makes people fall in love, he taught her some spells and charms which she promptly claimed as her own. He refused to marry Aphrodite instead going with Psyche, after Aphrodite disposed of her husband she took on a young demi-god Adonis as her husband and together they tried to wipe all traces of Eros from existence. It nearly worked but he kept his one unique power, he is not a fighter he is a lover, he possesses a bow made from a material not of this earth but it looks somewhere between mother-of-pearl and silver, his arrows are made to match. He possesses mind powers including telekinesis and shape changing powers and with Alexander’s help he’s been building his physical skills.

The Prince and the opposite sex:

He doesn’t view women as objects though at first glance anyone could make that mistake, he simply wants to fill the world with love, emotional and sexual and will do what he can to spread it.

The Prince and the same gender:

He views them exactly the same as women, he wants to spread love and will help them emotionally and sexually. He had a crush on Edward for a bit but it moved to Meg, not for them but because they remind him of his wife Psyche.

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