They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Full name: Alpha Experiment 3450 or Matthew Black

Date of Birth: 1965

Place of Birth: USA

Where grew up: Facility in USA

Schooling: Strict experimental training in the Eugenics facility.

Mother: AE3380

Father: AE3449

Date Married: Never married but was engaged to Meg.

How many children: Hundreds but two were taken and raised, Jamie and Lexy.

Date of Turning: Never turned he was human.

Creator: No Vampire creator, but he was a Eugenics experiment.

Progeny: No Vampire progeny.

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An albino, or what is thought of as an albino, 6’3” maybe a tiny bit taller, chiseled looks he is an Adonis of a modern man if you look past his whiter than white skin and his red eyes. He kept his hair short back and sides in the typical military style and wore either a grey-green smart uniform or dark red almost black clothes. Later he grows his hair out a little bit to hide his scar but never lets it grow long. He ages incredibly well but that might be down to his entirely raw diet of organic food.

Skills & Abilities:

Bred for perfection his only flaw is being albino, making him susceptible to sunburn very easy. He has no super-human abilities he is just good at everything a modern man could excel at, he can run hours at full speed without getting out of breath, he can weight lift all day and never suffer muscle fatigue, he can do mental equations with the best of scientists and all this on next to no sleep. All the eugenics experimentation has done this, generations of breeding for the perfect man, they had hoped they’d unlock the dormant parts of the human brain giving rise to telekinesis or telepathic abilities but instead Matt can see behind the Veil, he can see ghosts and spirits and even see through some Vampire powers, first time he saw The Prince he saw the teenager with wings not the image The Prince was portraying.

Matt and the opposite sex:

Most of his life he grew up being used as a walking sperm donor, most women he came across were there for him to inseminate and nothing more. His upbringing was strict outside the facility he never looked at women as most did not match the Aryan type, then one girl got him hooked, sadly for the facility that was the beginning of the end, he no longer found his breeding partners attractive then he went with Meg happily settling into family life.

Matt and the same gender:

He no longer follows orders from the Eugenics group, making his own way he finally found a group of men with similar mental skills, he becomes a professor at a university lecturing on Maths. As he finds out most men with exceptional mental skills usually suffer a lack of normal female interest, most of his colleagues live alone not by choice but because they are far too eccentric for normal women to live with. He fits in, despite his handsome good looks all the women that show an interest do not compare to his Meg. Edward views him with great suspicion and quite rightly so Meg and Edward’s daughter is born with with blue eyes and hair more blonde than the usual Wolfe family member, Meg points out that her mum was Blonde and blue-eyes but Edward still thinks the Aryan bred Maths teacher may have had a hand in it.

Personality & Attitude:

Calm, patient, strong, sometimes with no sense of humour. His eyes are opened to the wider world by Meg, a Vampire he fell in love with, he learnt that humans are all pretty much the same no matter what the race. He learnt how to be a dad. After he was shot in the head, he became a little more forward with his emotions he began to act like a normal man. He never gave up on Meg believing she was still out there waiting on him, he finally found her, remarried with a child and pregnant again, his feelings never waned they remained strong.