They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Once upon a time an evil spirit wandered the wastes of Spain looking for a host. The only people it could find was Gypsy travellers, being a superstitious lot the evil spirit was unable to enter a living body so it took over a dead body, to remain animated the evil spirit had to feed on fresh human blood. This is the earliest story of the Mullo Vampire, the Mullo now are much like the modern Empusa, they love to entice tourists for a holiday fling, their gypsy charms and warm-blooded nature never fails. The one thing that Mullo are noted for is they never kill, they must consume living blood so it is in their best interests to keep people alive.

The romantic tale of the wandering spirit is told time and time again, in the past it was an evil spirit but in modern time that spirit is now called the spirit of a lost lover.

The modern twist recants that the spirit unable to find his true body takes the only available one at hand, the fresh dead of a Gypsy, that lover then got up and continued his search for his lost true love. They whisper this as a fairy tale in eager ears hoping that they will be the true love of this spirit sadly many, many, holiday romances have begun and ended with this tale desperate women all hoping to be that love.

The Mullo though usually male does have a female gender but they are not so common in the tourist hot spots.

They feed on fresh living blood, so they never kill, also the blood has to be human, if they feed on animal blood it weakens them.

Turning a new Mullo is a tiny bit different, usually a Vampire takes the intended to point of death and just before they die are changed, not with the Mullo, the creator has to kill their intended progeny, when the human spirit has left the body the creator then gives some of his own, the vague memories storied in the brain give the spirit a sense of what the former life of the progeny was like but the freshly Turned will wake disorientated and will have to be given time to come to terms with the ways things will be.

Since the spirit of a Mullo can survive outside the body and take over any fresh dead human they are tricky to kill, not hard just tricky, the spirit can only survive a single night, as the rays of the sun kiss its vaporous form it evaporates and will be no more. They can be starved of blood, or a particular old Gypsy charm of death can destroy it.

Mullo in She-Wolf:

Meg comes across several Lilitu Mullo in Spain, the Spanish Dominor is a Mullo but she never notices him at the Councilium table.

Mullo in Scotland: None

Mullo Worldwide: Several thousand.