They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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Azriel Wolfe

Full name and Title: Prince Azriel Wolfe

Date of Birth: 24th April 2002

Place of Birth: Edinburgh Hospital

Where grew up: Edinburgh and Wolfe Farm

Schooling: Home schooled and briefly at a school in Oxford.

Mother: Meg Wolfe

Father: He has four fathers, Edward, Chris, Alexander and The Prince.

Date Married: Briefly in 2016/2017

How many children: Andrew is his eldest son, then there is Stephanie and Michael but there was a lot more before they met with an inconvenient accident.

Date of Turning: Never gets Turned, he is a demi-god and suffers the problems with being one.


Tall, just as tall as Alexander, has large wings, they are white for most of the story but change black near the end. He has pointed elf-like ears, all his teeth are pointed, he has clawed fingers and toes and a tail covered in black hair to match the hair on his head, he also has purple eyes. He dresses like an angsty teenager, jumpers, hoodies, combats or baggy jeans his main problem is getting clothes to fit him, everything has to be altered to fit his wings and tail. He learns the power to make himself look human, he comes over as too trendy for the Emo’s and too shabby for the Trendies he doesn’t fit in anywhere.

Personality & Attitude:

Being a Chimera he doesn’t fit in anywhere, he isn’t one and he’s not the other, he never really feels part of anything, he is a sad result of a misguided agreement that got tampered with. He has the memories of all his parents which confuses him, to him he should know how to do everything they can but instead it’s like watching a television show, he sees the memories but cannot do them. He is mistaken for an angel repeatedly causing a spark of television shows and books to be made about the existence of angels, most notably is the book called ‘Angel Among Men’ which he receives as a Christmas present. As he matures he gets sexually frustrated and ends up fathering many children much to the annoyance of his parents, he loves his mum unconditionally and is very possessive of her, he tests each of his fathers, he doesn’t like Chris, Alexander doesn’t like him then between The Prince and Edward he favours Edward that little bit more calling him dad.

Skills & Abilities:

A very powerful creature, he is a mix of love and battle, though he cannot make people truly fall in love like his father Eros in the end he has all the abilities of Aphrodite, he has the skills and abilities of his Fenris descendants, originally pitted to be his Father’s replacement it is not his aim or end goal he wishes to replace none. An unusual skill he has learnt is letting people see passed loved ones if it helps resolve an emotional issue, the most notably time he uses this power is to help his dad see past a problem between Meg and his dead sister. To answer the biggest question, yes he can fly.

Azriel and the opposite sex:

He started off life sheltered, his mum warned him people are afraid of what’s different but as soon as he gained the ability to look human he started to mingle, his first girlfriend he got pregnant and the baby was born with a tail scaring the girl’s parents. From his first taste of love he wanted more, falling into the trap that sex equals love he goes from girl to girl in search of true love. Unlike his father Eros he is heterosexual, females do it for him, though he gets confused when looking at female birds.

Azriel and the same gender:

He views other men like any other person, if they are nice people he is friends with them, if they are giant tools with knobs on he treats them as such.

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