They say fantasies are just that, fantasies, miracles never happen and never meet those you’ve idolised as you’ll only be disappointed. All three happened to the man, that night there was no doubt he wanted more... 
      - Alpha & Omega
Fenrir’s Legacy

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The official I AM WOLFE website.

Welcome to the official I am Wolfe website, this site includes  the Artwork of Sonya Paul as well as all the book information required.

Be part of the growing alternative phenomena that is I am Wolfe, read the books, follow the series, it’s a refreshing change from the modern vampire incarnation. It is not just a book, in 2013 the shop will open with the first merchandise under the I am Wolfe name. Sonya Paul is a freelance artist and contained within this site are pages with her work and how to buy or commission a piece, originals and prints are available.

Warning site contains mild nudity and suggestive pictures.

The title of the series can be a bit miss-leading, I am Wolfe is suppose to represent 'I am part of the Wolfe family' and not the common misconception meaning ‘I am a Wolf’. Wolfe is the last name of the family of vampires that the entire series of books cover, although Fenris or Fenrir the Wolf has a significant role to play in the books the story is not about werewolves it is about vampires. Being a vampire story it covers plenty of sexual themes and has some moderate violence, some sex scenes may be considered very extreme by those less liberal minded. I have never recommended the books for children or young teens, although it is warned for over 18's only I have had feed back from mid-teens who have enjoyed it and didn't find the sexual content too strong.

I am Wolfe not to be mixed up with I am Wolf a different book by another author although wolves feature in both neither book are similar. I am Wolfe was first officially published in March 2009 and I am Wolf January 2012.

Gods as well but it’s mainly about vampires.

Here be Dragons… Wait I meant Vampires!


Listed below are sites that still have first edition copies of Book 1 She-Wolf for sale. We however do not hold any responsibility for those websites or sales transactions on them, we have only provided the link as an alternative to this site.


Purchasing the Book
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Tour dates and signings

All the information about the books you could possibly require to help you understand the basics, certain bits have been intentionally left out so as too not ruin the rest of the story.

Behind the Veil is a host of creatures hidden from humans, take a peek and learn a bit about the different species and races that will be encountered over the series.

A selection of artwork done for or inspired by the I am Wolfe series, featuring various artists.

Including: Sonya Paul Artwork Gallery and Commissions page.


The Supernatural

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On-line Shop

A selection of merchandise as well as ‘inspired by’ products for sale, we’ve also included some items that although not made specifically for or inspired by we think those whom are interesting in vampires may like them.

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